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Interview with Cesar Coll. Revista electronica de Investigacion Educativa. the fact that this only accommodate a few mental health professionals, and more if this is character public, in this case the manifest interviewed psychologist who has only a colleague for clinical and educational interventions in the five venues of the institution of candelaria, which reality is something critical, it turns out impossible to cover all the needs of a population education of such magnitude, including the whole range of difficulties that arise with teachers, because express that some do not tolerate that his work is questioned, in this case a limiting factor in terms of the vision of education that traditional teachers manifests even unchanged, because the intervention of professionals of this field is recent and there is not a culture holistic on how to articulate the reality of the classrooms with all aspects that surround a subject who is in an educational process and added to this is an attempt because parents are partakers of this educational process in which their children are but attendance is poor which proves that they still have a tendency to believe that the educational process is the only task of the institution and refers exclusively to the academic. .The implementation of mental health has generated a change in the culture of education, but still remain strong sequels of the concept and practice of education traditional, because in Colombia only some few years ago implemented mental health in educational models and projects to that context, these programs only you have been performing as has been given greater importance to this dimension of the individual. In conclusion the exercise of educational psychologist goes beyond a purely educational intervention, not only applies to school process but that it encompasses other dimensions that complement the context in which does not assume the practice through only theory but through experiences given from an educational reality specific to facilitate the participation of the professional within thisin which an element more to build whole pedagogy educational practices that improve the processes both in the classroom as in all kinds of subject-formation that will improve their quality of life. Diana Marcela Guarnizo?Maria Wilches..