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You is used to improve the performance of and is a prerequisite for the optimum performance of an intense period. Muscle building-period target: Improvement of contractile potential – time: 12-16 weeks this period focuses on improving muscle contractile potential, because this potential represents a prerequisite for the continuous development of muscle mass to the natural border of the adaptation. It should be noted that is the hypertrophy of muscle cells, a very slow running adaptive process and thus a window of time is required for this period of 12-16 weeks. In addition, that an increasingly Adaptive pronounced muscle profile of the trained athlete, increase the training effort for more adaptive processes. After the period of hypertrophy, it makes sense, one or two Weeks to make strength training break. The body can use this time to regenerate itself as best as possible.

Maximum strength period target: Reduce of the power deficit – duration: 6-8 weeks this period followed the further development of maximum force.The athletes trained his muscular’s maximum potential and the improvement of explosiveness. During this period, the athlete must concentrate fully and try to minimize the fatigue. Because under increasing fatigue the innervation frequency by the nervous system decreases significantly, which reduced the effectiveness of the training. After this period, it is assumed that the neural adaptations are maxed out. Quick power-period target: Increase of the power pulse – duration: 4-6 weeks this period to improve the contraction of the muscles and thereby contribute to an increase of the power pulse. Further, the reverse transform of a slow muscle through to single-sided/monotonous training to the original can Muscle fiber spectrum taken and at the same time as far as possible maintain a reached hypertrophy (muscle growth) level as enhanced activation of the muscle. Explosive force period goal: Improve the neural activation – duration: 4-6 weeks is this period allocated to competitive sports.

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