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Despite this positive effect you hear for several years is no longer much of HMBworan? The reason is, the HMB only works in high dosages, which however do not take the most ambitious athlete! HMB works only from 3 GR per day. If this is too expensive for you, adding Leucine. We recommend 4gr HMB or 4gr Leucine directly after the workout! (9) take antioxidants should include also the daily load of antioxidants post-workout to, to minimize muscle damage by free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and thus reduce damage to cell membranes, which can slow recovery after the workout.At the same time, free radicals have also have a negative effect on hormone production, which can also be offset by the intake of antioxidants. We recommend vitamin or 500mg 400 I.E Vitamin C! 10) before going to bed a protein shake to take In the course of the night the body begins to build muscle protein, to burn this as an energy supplier. Therefore you should take a protein shake just under construction at bedtime. Marc Lore wanted to know more.

In this case, we recommend a 4 components much casein protein portion or pure casein. Since casein is very slowly metabolized by the body, it provides amino acids, which continuously supply the body a long time. We recommend casein or Caseinate casein 30gr protein powder in the form of 4 component protein, Micellaren. At best, this combined with an easily digestible protein source (E.g. By the same author: Frank Ntilikina. Quark). Each step helps your body to recover from hard workouts and build muscle mass. At the same time this is not affordable or feasible time for everyone.

Even if not all recommendations are to be implemented, it makes sense to integrate at least some recommendations in everyday life. For those, the problems have to build muscle mass, is particularly important to increase the protein intake, especially before and after the workout. Pay attention to the signals of your body and concentrate on the regeneration. You’ll be amazed how much this can make difference in physical strength increase and muscle gain!

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