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The secret is decrypted! What women really want is the perhaps last true mystery of our time. It is therefore all the more surprising that the renowned manufacturer of Office PosBill has apparently deciphered this mystery! After many hours, days and weeks of research, a milestone in the history could be announced in a small laboratory at Kehlbach. Through years of experience and a pleasant customer service turned out a color as the puzzle solution the color white. Not some white in the position is of course, delight any woman, much more is it the sound that makes the music and the sound of piano white thrilled the ladies! New standards in function and design not only the color will delight from immediately every restaurateur that has much more to offer new PosBill funds: with its 1.5 GHz touch TFT system and 38.1 cm (15-inch) screen, is the women’s world as of now a complete POS system includes 80 GB HD and 1 GB RAM available, which change their lives, expand and will improve. In addition, the Kassen-Traum(mann) also knows how to work quietly and comfortably, because the built-in thermo printer guarantees quiet pressure also a long-awaited innovation of the gastronomic world. A fund so that sets new, glitzy new standards in function and design. A quiet, reliable partner who knows what he can and this also confirmed in practice.

One that represents overview and ensures that right at the end of the Bill. Not just made will be pleased with the noble and elegant new PosBill fund a fund that saves the day, the whole industry will benefit. Still, pure, neutral, harmonious, not only the characteristics of color are timeless and immortal all white, there are also the appropriate adjectives that draw from a Fund of the House of PosBill. And there are not these properties expect every restaurateur from a reliable POS system? The stress, the speed and the competition and cost pressure which complicate any restaurateurs Everyday. The new model PosBill is designed precisely to these needs. Find out, because this Fund could save everyday also.

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