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In keeping with his views, I will not describe the specific methods by which you will use as much as the others, those who are already on the shelves. I want to focus your attention on those key points, which are generally lacking in many books, but without which all your efforts to develop memory will bring, the weak results. Let's start with the opposite – forgetting. Forgetting, according to one theories, it is not applicable to the ousting of the information currently in the subconscious. This process is absolutely necessary. Without it we could not effectively exist. Forget we will always, regardless of amount of training.

Let us examine this process in detail. Imagine that you met on the street acquaintance. And he gave you his phone number. You remember him. Then came home and realized that you can not remember it. What happened? There are two options: 1. Your subconscious mind for some reason found this information to you does not fit.

2. You remembered wrong number. When you try to remember it, vaguely pop up only individual digits. The subconscious mind is not considered that these figures relate to each other. The first case – a classic example of distraction. Distraction occurs when we force ourselves to do what we really do not I want and what, in fact, there is no need for us. Then, forgetting – it's saving mechanism to our subconscious. The subconscious mind thinks so: to avoid wasting your time on unnecessary chatting with a friend, it's better to forget the number phone.

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