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Under the above conditions and with This was an utterly impossible task conservative design work. It took a creative partner who analyzed with unfettered, free spirit of the situation and was able to develop a special draft here. But he had to also fold – this and budget can implement. Peter Shilton may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the autumn of 2007 having found his partner a2haus. The competition mandatory for this team was held.

The winning design had an amazing solution for all problems described above: a floor plan as a parallelogram with exterior walls laid out North and South on the bevel cut the bottom of the sight. It was a very unusual structure with similar plans. The principal had actually expected a purist, rectangular cubic building with large window areas and field of view in the Valley facing South. Define most probably would this a2haus customers as a Bauhaus-style”. Now optimized so this surprising design to the treaties and the project could start. The elongated plot according to 3 stacked stacked tubes were created basically.

The lower is burrowed to 70% in the slope and provides commercial and technical rooms. Garden-side a children workshop and a wellness oasis with guest areas are integrated, which bring about large window surfaces light into the House and allow a view of the Valley. The whole outer envelope is highly insulated run and considerably higher than the normal values. One of the static problems was, that from the EC no wall more above another one, requiring extensive calculations and then refined and strong reinforcement of the concrete and other elaborate measures to the load transfer. The roof drainage system was very difficult to plan and run, because basically all projectiles terraced were created to satisfy the distance areas and get an exciting construction body. Statics and window locations which requires a high level of quality planning to vote on the location of the pipes were in the facade and of the operating carrier of the roofing.

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