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Per decades, the Information theory has tried to quantify the magnitude of the impact of the exchange of information in the development of the social conglomerates; in spite of the innumerable efforts that social sciences have destined to the profit of that objective, it is in exact sciences where interesting findings have taken place that allow to construct a valid and provable substrate to the postulates of the Information theory. The studies on mutual information and correlation function (Li 1999) are a referring one forced for those who wish to deepen still more in that field. 2. – Entropizacin of the Venezuelan society. Here, olympics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Society and chaos. Political turbulence, social disorders, chaos financier, the whole society submerging in a chaotic situation, transition to the democracy or chaos, are used of way more and more appellant by political analysts and specialistic expressions in social sciences to try to explain occurring of a society faced a deep crisis that reproduces in all the levels and spaces of political, economic, social and cultural the framework of the country.

A society institutionally disarticulated that, nevertheless, shows some attempts to arrive at a new order arisen from the same chaotic condition in which it is. In all the social commotions, in the revolutions of the democracy, the town always looks for to increase its representativeness, whereas lumpenproletariat only looks for a man, a caudillo to whom to follow. We have affirmed previously, we reaffirmed and it here, that in the social systems, as well as in the natural systems, the presence and the consecuencial increase of the entropy is a constant process. The social entropy, on the other hand, comes as much from dynamics of internal systems of the societies like of external means to her. In fact, in the environmental systems they are possible to be identified dynamic chaotic that are essentially generating of entropy; it is the case of phenomena like the Boy, the eruptive cycle of the vulcanism, the periodic appearance of plagues, etc. .

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