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If it persists in the treatment, if it makes the sufficient time the psycotherapy, this will be possible. With my years of clinical experience with the application within the psychological therapy of the Therapeutic Hypnosis, already I have formed my own method of work. My method of work allows me to know that for the treatment and the cure of technical the different TOC they make lack. I take generally from the mental methodology. Behavioural the systematic desensitization, the exhibition, different exercises from psicoimaginacin that also take these techniques and other techniques and exercises that make me position me in an eclectic and heuristic ejercitacin of the profession, I have been because them creating during my clinical experience because I verify that they are. Italian Open wanted to know more. The Therapeutic Hypnosis is not a suggestive effect, is either that the person to duer then during the hypnosis session the patient to me reaches a concentration focused or one supra concentration, having total contact with each one of the senses and of the emotions, as well as of the memory; being able to go to each of these at the moment wished during the session. During the session of hypnosis and product of this one technique it is that the therapist guides the patient so that this one is worth of other techniques that are those that contributes the therapeutic methodologies of which the therapist makes use and to the reached salary the hypnotic state makes the modification possible that looks for so that the patient thus manages to be modifying the pathology that is what it has caused that is in treatment at this moment. Because product of the state that is reached after a deep relaxation, applied the technique of the hypnosis, this allows the patient to acquire a knowledge, a learning, a change of conduct, the modification of a thought mechanism, all these results that of not being in the state that allows the hypnosis would be much more long still the process of the psycotherapy.

The patient once it has reached the hypnosis state, it is going to be able with the use of the psicoimaginacin to easily obtain the observed state of dissosciation that will allow him to be placed like observer and: this one is the masterful key that is going to allow to him with the efficient guide and very trained of the clinical hipnlogo psychotherapist to be making the changes necessary thus to win to him in relatively short times in health to the disease. The patient must know that the way of the psycotherapy is a slow, full way of obstacles, worries, and also plateaus will lead that it to a successful result that is going to allow to him to live a total life, with the profits that at another moment of their life, before and with the total agreement that produced to him the symptoms of the TOC were not nor so at least possible to him to watch what would obtain in its life. But it is a way that l/ella can solely journey with the support and guides of the professional psychotherapist. Lic.

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