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The digital travel magazine provides suggestions for all those who still do not have planned their annual holiday of Ethiopia to Zanzibar in may, the tourist offices have surpassed themselves to the travel fair ITB in Berlin in March with informative exhibits and folkloric performances themselves. What are the top destinations for 2010, what should have seen this year be sure? But also Berlin itself is of course as city aim always worth a visit. Cherno Jobatey presenter and restaurateur Anjou Haufe reveal their top tips for the city on the river Spree. Antarctic, eternal ice, pristine nature and absolutely pure air. If you would like to know more then you should visit Patricia Rooney. For many people also dream. “Not so for divers Maike Turkner and Boris Schnitger, for travel inspiration the southernmost bar of the world” have been identified.

Other topics in the book: Mallorca: A pioneer of tourism says. Small escapes: Halle an der Saale. UNESCO World Heritage: Castle & Park of Versailles. Service topic: Conservation eyes on when buying souvenirs, and much more. The current issue of Travel inspirations has a total of 63 pages and can be downloaded for free via the travel magazine website: updates magazin.html author: Judith Hoppe

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