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Massage. Self-massage. Water massage. Massage is an integral part of all kinds of motion, they exert their beneficial effects on the human body. Massage has been used extensively as a means of grooming in Ancient Egypt. To know more about this subject visit Larry David.

Large role played in the home massage, medicine, and sports from the ancient Greeks and Romans, which he divided into dry and massage with oils, massage the strong and weak, long and short massage. In recent years, massage, positive effects of massage on the human body attaching increasing importance. Massage, like a steam bath, is experiencing a rebirth. During and after the massage the person feels comfortable heat, improves its health, efficiency. For example, under short massage (3-5 minutes) of fatigued muscles recover better than after the 20-30-minute passive rest. Massage, held after an intense workout, causes athletes a feeling of freshness, vitality, reduces fatigue, prevents painful phenomena in muscles and joints. Follow others, such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX, and add to your knowledge base. What are the basic principles of massage? Do not start self-massage or massage without consultation Doctor: There are a number of diseases for which massage is contraindicated.

These include the active phase of rheumatism, acute pain, bleeding tendency, active stage of tuberculosis, infectious diseases and many others. Special Pay attention to the condition of their skin. For any skin disease and the use of massage is contraindicated. Generally, clean skin – a must and important hygiene requirement for it. The most ideal in this sense – self-massage or massage after a hygienic shower, which is especially necessary in the summer, when increased sweating and the skin retained a lot of dust and germs.

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