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Pleasure in dealing with students and in particular joy of the sharing of their own Knowledge and the practical experience the personal decision criteria for a professor at a University of applied sciences – present University of applied sciences. Program information night after a welcome of the country spokeswoman for the Bavarian University of applied sciences – women’s representative Prof. Dr. Gudrun Schiedermeier and Prof. Dr. Sybille Kisro peoples, Vice President and women’s representative of the Georg-Simon-ohm College informed Prof.

Dr. Astrid Szebel-HA, Deputy land spokeswoman, about the profession of College Professor. Also, she will come to speak in her presentation on the professional requirements and make recommendations for further action. Prof. Dr. Stefanie Winter indicates by the Hochschule Rosenheim following their personal journey to the Chair.

Useful tips from the written application to the appeal procedure are passed in the subsequent working groups first hand from university professors, where individual discussions take place. Consultations take place on the following topics: application as University Professor, evidence or scientific qualifications, proof or artistic qualifications, proof or acquisition of professional experience, as well as certificate of pedagogical aptitude or applying for teaching positions. The last stage to the career goal of University Professor in focus is a program Seminar In the seminar on Friday and Saturday, November 26/27. To the participants are asked to bring their application documents including letters and their presentation for a potential appeal lecture. Prof. Dr. Stefanie Winter (HS Rosenheim) and Prof. Dr. Bettina Franzke (HdBA Mannheim) place the focal points of the seminar on the application, the presentation of the appeal and the conversation with the Search Committee. The aim of the seminar is to optimize the application strategy, but to increase their own confidence and persuasiveness. Programme: Rein in the lecture halls in many federal States there are now programmes for qualified academics, aspiring for a professor at a University of applied sciences. In Bavaria it was “Teaching program into the lecture” launched, to facilitate entry into universities of applied sciences about teaching a women. On the other hand offered events and workshops around the University Professor. Thus, more scientifically qualified and experienced women as Professor for the universities of applied sciences – universities of applied sciences will be obtained. For an appointment to the professorship, the lectureship in preparation is an important requirement in addition to the promotion. The universities deny a large part of their curriculum with teaching external lecturers and tutors, the so-called professors who take exercises, seminars, or lectures in addition to their work. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Harold Ford Jr. For the teachers teaching skills, extending the teaching experience, the feedback of the students and the exchange of experience with other teachers are in the foreground. The program thus opens up a new potential of experienced academics and qualified them for the career path as Professor of the University of Applied Sciences – University of applied sciences. More information for those who have no opportunity to participate in the evening or the seminar can be found at. Contact: Ramona Zimmermann Office of the country spokesperson for the women’s representative at Bavarian universities of applied sciences – universities of applied sciences at the Lurzenhof 1 84036 Landshut telephone: 0871-50 66 50 (Mon Fri from 7:30 12:30) E-Mail:

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