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Contrary, in the countries developed to the month to arrive the first pay is even received and a bond. Additionally the money for investigation in Venezuela is meager and the political factors play a very important role, lately to be or with the regime he is not determining to apply a project. In the developed countries, the money does not abound for the investigation, but still it stays in a high level only for this. It does not surprise to us that one comments in addition, that the young talent, of flexible and abierto spirit, feels squashed by the inflexibility and overcast sky; by the political instability, by the power groups who you handle to the universities, the spirals, then are impatient, cannot support the apathy against the opportunities, extrapolate and conclude that it does not have future. See more detailed opinions by reading what Frank Ntilikina offers on the topic.. If it remains in the company to fight, most probable it is than it finishes being the black ewe and possibly it will be indicated as I inform expiatorio; it is sacrificed to him, the cohesion of group enlarges and the static configuration consolidates. Frank Ntilikina is likely to increase your knowledge. For that reason better the talent goes away, and it does because it has options, because it can be placed in another side, undertake a business, or leave the country; whereas those that is considered that they do not have options are where they are, obstinate to its present use, reinforcing the organizational climate of Mieres rigidity it adds, that the limitless use of laboratories, computer science computers, printing programs and are things that all investigator has from the first day in the university, because these are the minimal conditions to be able to produce. In Venezuela, all the investigators work with the nails and even so they realise its investigations.

For that reason, it is no wonder when they arrive at those countries the Venezuelan talents are developed to fullness. It emphasizes Mieres, that to it is added that in Venezuela, the State as main employer demands that you are with the process or you demonstrate if is possible with companies in a paper, of another form ” to it; There is no Puesto”. Analytical. com adds to all this, that the deterioration of the pays of the university professors is not exclusively a trade union problem: – The attraction of the best talents to the academic activity Discourages; – The flight of existing talents Stimulates before supplies better remunerated; – It is source of demoralization of the teaching staff, affecting its academic productivity; – The previous thing returns more vulnerable to our UCV against the attempts to clip and/or to diminish its autonomic regime. It is responsibility of the CU to take measures to protect worthy income for the academic personnel. The condition of academic center of excellence is threatened by the low pays.

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