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For clarity, propose to consider some of the most common problems of "production water "in the country. And, accordingly, their decision. The problem of how to get water from the well or wells for domestic use and watering the garden? Need a solution of a water pump for shallow (up to 5 meters), wells and boreholes. For deep wells (Over 5 meters) needed a submersible pump. How to take the problem of dirty water from wells, ditches, basements, cellars, swimming pools? Need a solution drainage submersible or semi-submersible pump (the water falls only its lower part) with manual or automatic switching. Randall Rothenberg has firm opinions on the matter.

When the automatic activation of the pump itself will be included every time the water level will rise up to the maximum mark. (The so-called float switch.) How to take the problem of sewage and dirty water? Need a solution fecal pump with automatic or manual switching. Automatic switch will provide the starting of pump when water reaches a certain level, or every time you pour water into the toilet or sink. Other variants of automatic switching, to be agreed with the seller and installer of pumping equipment. And the last. Make their own sewer strongly recommend – is complex, requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Otherwise, sink Well, let's say in the issues. Expert opinion Gennadiy, employee emergency service Mosvodokanal: – I have 20 plus years I was dealing with pumps of different brands and sizes. I know from experience that the surface pumps are used not rational.

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