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For Renny Yagosesky, coach of the Conduct and writer, suffering, seen in the current context, is headquartered in the persistence of the selfish materialist idea, and the inability of people to counter the bombardment of trivial or harmful stimuli from the surrounding environment. The idea that material things will give us lasting well-being and protect us against the internal and external changes is demonstrably expires, although paradoxically overvalued, despite the fact that material is transitory and against our addictions, the objects in the world are going, degrade, expire, become damaged or die has been said also, that suffering is the sensation caused by any condition that undergo a nervous system to wear. Suffering, as any other feeling, can be conscious or unconscious. When it manifests itself consciously makes it in the form of pain or unhappiness, when he is unconscious translates into exhaustion or tiredness thereon is provided, consider, that the suffering and pain can help us grow as people, to overcome us and mature. If we ask the people of our experiences that have made them see life with more realism and serenity, which have been around will see that problems or difficult situations they have been mostly.People who have suffered most tend to be mature, realistic and focused people.

The suffering causes a maturity in people and in their way of seeing life. To reach human maturity we must learn to accept ourselves with all we are and all that surrounds us: the good and bad, how nice and how painful, how comfortable and as annoying, etc. Source: Simone Biles. With a positive and optimistic attitude to life, the suffering can become the engine of our self-improvement and personal maturity. If we take an attitude of hopelessness and pessimism, the suffering could sink us. Of course suffering each one must experience it only one determines its scope, that it involves, stop to think the reason for this, what is its intensity and impact, learn, how to deal with it if another ever reappears just about suffering reminds us also the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, that suffer at all times, and even with more reason when we are adapting to the environment that surrounds us. Because the medium is dynamic, suffering is more intense the more dynamic this is. Suffering is less intense in situations that we have controlled (these situations can be stressful, but it is difficult to cause us pain, unless we reach an extreme exhaustion).

When you change a routine, generate various sensations: anxiety, stress, desire, vehemence, everything will depend on the environment and the sense of danger, the body segregara more or less adrenaline, raising the capacity of the organism to react faster. Education is the way man has adapted to the suffering. Gives equal the shape in which are we has educated, because we are not exempt from encountering situations that lead us to our limits, what’s really important is that the rational part enables us better or worse to face those changes. Under new conditions or any change requiring a biological process of adaptation, the man can get to answer way exaggerated by fear of punishment, to not find a reasonable way out, just acting vehement. * Encyclopedia Wikipedia; different Web pages original author and source of the article.

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