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This drug is used in several countries as method of termination of pregnancy, is allowed in some and in others it is sold illegally by Internet originally created for the treatment of gastric ulcers, misoprostol is a drug that is also used for termination of pregnancy in the first four weeks of gestation. In many countries the use of this drug as abortifacient pills is punishable, however in Cuba since 2008 is administered as an abortifacient method. In Cuba, abortion is legal and free since 1965, and with the use of this drug on the interruption of pregnancy, the authorities of the island projected to reduce fertility problems resulting from elevated traditional abortion practice, as appropriated the local press. In Granma, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, explained also that the Cuban authorities expected to make 80 percent of interruptions of pregnancy with the use of misoprostol, which only managed in hospitals under the supervision of qualified personnel. 60 Percent of women experiencing infertility has as antecedent the fact has been carried out an abortion or more, pointed out in the journal, it also established that the majority of Cuban women had a low perception of the risks associated with abortion, for example, obstruction of the fallopian tubes of the uterus and infertility.

Today is considered the volume of voluntary abortions – by free decision of the woman – is high, he was added in the note of Granma. In other countries like Mexico, misoprostol has been offered illegally over the Internet. Before the void regulation in the sale and control of risks associated with the use of this drug without medical supervision and abortive purposes, Mexican health authorities have insisted that it is practically impossible to trace the people who sold the misoprostol by Internet, which has opened an important debate on the legislation of this medicine for purposes of termination of pregnancy. In contrast, the (Food and Drug Administration) United States food and Drug Administration approved the use of misoprostol for induction of abortion under medical supervision in September of the year 2000. The World Health Organization (who) estimated that around for 22 percent of the millions of annual pregnancies end in abortion induced, and that some 20 million women are practiced abortions illegal and unsafe, what triggers in some cases consequences ranging from problems in health as infertility to death.

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