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You should therefore observe special working hours and hours by authorities and businesses. Because this time during the day in all Islamic countries much restricted, the night is made for the day. For business people, this means that often business meetings held at night. After the end of the fasting period is greatly celebrated: the so-called oath Fittr (fast-breaking) likely to al begins on the 8th August 2013 and takes several depending on the country 3-4 days or even longer, such as in Saudi Arabia. Opportunity for German businessmen here a very good business contacts to maintain to Muslim business partner by Ramadan congratulations (orally by telephone or in writing by email or postcard with Muslim motifs). Marc Lore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Above applies especially for foreign visitors, travellers and business people said.

Package tourists, who spend their vacation time only in tourist resorts, are less touched it. However, they are affected by Ramadan because the performance of staff and service forces is partially restricted due to the fasting. This understanding is desirable and appropriate. Samir L. Iranee is available for questions concerning the topic of intercultural competence Islam & Ramadan”at your disposal and offers its customers if required also an intercultural intensive coaching or longer-term training measures for individuals and group training (face to face, on the phone or via E-Mail). SI press contact Samir L.

Iranee, graduate / MBA in IMC Arabic lecturer University of applied sciences Frankfurt & intercultural trainer Orient of city highway 75-85, D-60487 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069-9552 0229 fax: 069-9552 0239 E-mail: Internet: language courses – Orient customer – intercultural training Islam Iranee language courses and InterkulturellesTraining offers nationwide and abroad teaching (E.g. daily -, media -, high – and economic Arabic) for all levels, Arabia customer (Arabia: country and people.) Advice on culture, politics and Economics) and Intercultural training Arabia (including overseas preparation Morocco to UAE, teambuilding, customer management, negotiations, trade fairs) & IslamCoaching (Islam-training for Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, East Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia) at. Translation, interpreting, language teaching & courses, moderation & lectures, journalism, proofreading, research, proofreading and editorial revisions, typing, voice recordings, consulting & escorting and professional support for events, trade fairs, study and business trips for groups and individuals in Arabia. New in the range: research and writing of journalistic contributions (articles, interview, report). Texts for the Internet on Arabic & German. Subject-specific specialist seminars. Arabic for journalists, translators and interpreters.

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