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And moving away. And it brings me life. And I’m looking at me your loss alone, hopelessly single backs. 1.4 Pending: The pendulum clock marks the rhythm of the old rocking chair. The afternoon, yellow, diluted in its last hour. Viscous, opaque, eyes go from the balcony to the schedule. The same daily ritual he for so long, so much! In intense breath anguish escapes from his mouth: he does not come.

Doughnuts harden under neat napkin, in the teapot tea dies of cold Gallop of memories in the fourth Penumbras, dusty. Whispers of the wind in the desert garden. A times stops rolling: expectant, sharpens the ear. A few steps have stopped on the sidewalk. Most do not follow long Cruel rattling of the hour mired in deadly lethargy he will come today. It is secure.

It won’t be more without seeing it. It will enter smiling, rehearsing apologies. Will make you mil will pampering you have so many things! And that time together, it will be another year of life for her, is that your measurement! Memories pegboards, tangible, by the House. Wow with this heart, what happens today? A. nothing desacompasa is so different as if he wanted to sit very still God! how weighs each beat! And this sopor stranger and this distant pain, indefinite Mr No would leave without seeing it, no caressing your hair without leaving a kiss on the forehead loosely you hands nor hear him promise never fulfilled: again tomorrow the glider is being quiet. He stops his March posthumous sigh. Only of the clock rumbles, macabre, the sound in the silent room sitting at a bar table, coffee with friends: made me so late! I’m coming home! See you tomorrow! Reading in bed, reminds us: how clumsy! today I also went to see MOM! Sleep assured, not worry about more: if it reaches you the time, tomorrow will be total, the old, always hoping it will be! So was 1.5: that’s how I lost you: I loved you without measures, without expecting anything I loved.

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