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Which dominates others is powerful, but which dominates itself is even more powerful. We can also mention Confucius, Buddha. and many more. Socrates urged all to review themselves and own domain enkrateia-, which is driving. Question: can you rely on someone who does not have their own domain? Aristotle also says that man can become whatever you want. You can go from being where I am, what we call current reality, it must be where I want to go, the vision, the objectives. The methodology for this journey is the action.

Already in the last century, there has been an influence of Existentialist philosophy. The essence of coaching is the autonomous individual existence. The individual existence that determined the Existentialism. We have ability to be aware of our current reality and ask our own life project. Especially in environments Hispanic American, the influence of humanistic psychology has had certain acceptance through so-called ontological Coaching. According to Rafael Echeverria is a kind of coaching able to affect aspects that seem to associated with what we can call way of being of individuals and systems to the end of the last century Timothy Gallwey developed a methodology disseminated in sport called indoor play whose best definition are his own words: there is always a game inside in your mindno matter what is happening in the outdoor game. How aware you are of this game can make a difference between success and failure in foreign juice.

Jhon Whitmore, one of his most important supporters of Europe has developed in the corporate arena and he has also been one of the promoters of the coaching staff and even the selfcoaching. Recently the programming NLP Neurolisguistica – has become one of the tools of coaching especially with the works of Joseph OConnor and Robert Dilts. The coaching was expanded a few years thanks in large part to the dissemination and marketing of Leonard, Coachg/Ville and Hi-Coach has evolved a lot.

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