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Best of gourmet makes this with simple ice cubes. Tea is cooled slowly, he tends to be very quickly bitter and thus unfit for human consumption. Already in the 19th century, so ice tea was produced. Only in 1904 iced tea became worldwide known and popular. Richard Blechynden was responsible this year during the world exhibition in the American St.

Louise for supplying the visitors with tea. American tea drinkers favored the green tea at this time. Mr. Blechynden was commissioned to endear the British black tea in America as well. He succeeded with a simple idea. With the help of cold sheet metal pipes, which launched the black tea, Blechynden cooled him and served him as a cold beverage. This came very well for visitors to the World Expo. From then on, you could no longer stop the triumphant advance of ice tea.

Black tea with sugar and lemon juice. This is the original mix of a typical ice teas. Meanwhile, there are countless variations, which offers the company nature ideas in its range. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Michael Phelps. These ice teas have nothing in common with the industrially produced and in packs of bottled iced teas with colorful advertising messages in the General Attention media. Ice tea mixes of the company nature ideas aimed at preserving the health of the customer. Only the best teas and ingredients come into question. These are conscientiously examined and merged in unique blends. Industrially produced ice teas contain an extremely high amount of citric acid and sugar from scratch in. According to the latest findings results in the consumption of foods with a very high concentration of citric acid to strongly changing the ph value in the mouth. So can large amounts of minerals from the tooth will be flushed out. Now the extremely high amount of sugar is added, is easy to guess what impact has the consumption of industrial ice tea on the health of the consumer. Natural ideas is committed to the health and the health of its customers. Not only the quality of the Teas of the company is unique and very high quality, also mixes are extraordinary and give insight into the incredible diversity to the taste buds of the tea drinker wide range of styles and shades. The stand type variety”is the very popular Apple Lemon Iced tea. This is specially enriched with magnesium and is just in the summer months so an important and valuable addition to a healthy diet. Bamboo, a plant which is not only very visually appealing, is a crucial component of a further interesting ice tea mix of the company nature ideas. Its own distinctive character bamboo taste, coupled with the fruity flavors of passion fruit give the bamboo ice tea. Magnesium is also enriched the blood orange iced tea. Whole pieces of fruit are in this mix, which mixed with green tea and black tea, make a wonderful taste experience. Rooibos tea is a now famous and very popular type of tea. Iced teas are cold, but equally too hot to enjoy from this raw material. Is a special mixture of the ice age of Rooibos tea. Here are the fruity flavours of peach and lime. A fresh lemon grass aroma completes the work. So could still countless mixes and creations are listed, which the customer interested in the assortment of the company nature ideas can be found. Once, after a strenuous summer tour, refreshing taste of iced tea has experienced, the who in the future nothing more. Healthy, refreshing and interesting. These attributes make iced tea as a healthy alternative.

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