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Since then, the management must be attentive to the behavior of the human resource of the present, constantly evaluate their performance, determine. that is what really are contributing towards the operability, productivity of the company, where are their difficulties, barriers that do not allow them to develop as required in the present, where competitiveness is dynamic and only companies that have been prepared for this purpose leave avante. Also corresponds to industrial relations, engineering management, schools provide its graduates the modern knowledge according to the current reality so that each of the company’s staff to unfold, contribute their skills and knowledge that favor the company, would ensure survival, operability to threats from the surrounding variables of the time, as it is the more pronounced in the present, the relative to the State, which has affected many companies. Today, a new knowledge, vision of the formation and training of human resources to ensure that management knows to use them successfully, ensuring cohesive, productive, groups where each member contributes their knowledge, skills, experience in benefit of the achievements that has been proposed to achieve the company is necessary. They require the universities through their different schools, faculties, redefine the profile of these professionals, provide modern, updated knowledge, capable of not only the challenges, but to give step changes, transformations in where the expected productivity of this human capital is ensured. It is regrettable, found with a significant number of companies where his administrative leadership, often is characterized by little participative, rather autocratic playing the company’s achievements and seriously affecting the correct use of how should be handled the resource human, transforming many times in high costs that significantly affect the financial enterprises enterprise resource must have a coaching, democratic, participatory, motivating, leadership that may lead to motivate its human resources towards that they reach the performance of their duties successfully, aspect that many SMEs and some of the country’s businesses do not.

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