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foreign languages lessons: E.g. English sub lessons: E.g. For even more analysis, hear from Leicester City. irregular verbs tab: go to go, went, gone to. This is the way to ensure that one can proceed structured learning. A paper Cardfile system cannot be mapped new with one mouse click in his card stock.

“With BrainYoo you can both focuses on specific topics / lessons learn as well at random” through all the lessons. (5) different learning modes: one to work with BrainYoo after the successfully tested spaced-retrieval method. Michael Phelps is likely to agree. The index card at increasing time intervals are placed automatically on resubmission until she finally arrived after five correct answers in the last file and thus enshrined in the long-term memory. This learning mode is intended primarily as a long-term coach. On the other hand also the targeted query sequentially certain lessons outside of the normal Wiederholungsrhythmusses possibility.

In particular just before exams and other tests this learning mode can be very useful if you want to get targeted lessons again en bloc. (6) multimedia learning: in the tab image and audio files and mindmaps can be inserted both the question and the answer. This addressed as many senses in learning and increase the absorption capacity of the learner. (7) mnemonics with the mnemonic window: to each tab you can create mnemonics, which is learning a whole lot easier and more effective. (8) search / filter function: At BrainYoo you can search within seconds and targeted for a tab. So can be filtered out all flashcards to a particular term, for example, as a medical student. At 300-500 paper tab, this will take a half eternity! The vocabulary of BrainYoo can be tested for 14 days free of charge and without obligation. BrainYoo wind Muhlenstrasse 4 53111 Bonn URL: E-Mail: contact person: Stephan Potters

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