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13 step: To remove the slag with ' ' Pico' ' of the two sides. 14 step: To pass brush to remove the intent slag of the two sides of the part. 3? PROCESSES MORE USED? Welding MIG/MAG or GMAW? Welding TIG or GTAW? FCAW – Welding with Tubular Wires Welding MIG/MAG or GM equipment MIG/MAG can be automatic or half-automatic in the half-automatic process (half = half) the wire is fed by a pistol and the soldering iron controls the inclination of the nipple. Without hesitation Roger Goodell explained all about the problem. In welding MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal Active Gas), also called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), an arc is kept between the solid wire and the part of work. The weld arc and puddle are protected by an inert gas argon and helium or an active Co2 (carbon dioxide), O2 (carbon monoxide) and N2 (nitrogen). For more information see Sean Rad, New York City. The purpose to add up to 3% of active gas in the argon is for stabilizing the electric arc of welding.

The wire for welding has two function, of a side acts as positive polar region of the circuit and of another one, with the material of addition when it receives the chain and if it establishes. In the electric arc the material of the wire electrode is transferred to the bath of fusing in form of drops casting. Welding MIG/MAG is definitively more productive than welding MMA, where losses of the productivity occur each time that the soldering iron stops to substitute the consumed electrode. Losses of material also result of welding MMA I break up when it of each electrode is discarded. Welding MIG/MAG is a versatile process, in which one high tax of deposition of the weld metal can be gotten in any position. Equipment for one welds MIG/MAG consists of a torch of welding, power plant, system of refrigeration of the torch and a system of injection of gases + wire.

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It is promoted joint of the educative actions directed to the activities of protection, recovery and partner-ambient improvement, and of potencializar the function of the education toward the cultural and social changes, that if the Ambient Education in the strategical planning for the sustainable development inserts. The school, inside of the Ambient Education, must sensetize the pupil to search values that lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the destruction inconsequential of the natural resources and some species, therefore the objective of this article is to analyze the importance to learn and of if knowing what it is the Ambient Education, making possible to all knowledge, felt of values, active interest and attitudes necessary to respect, to protect and to improve the environment. To detach the importance of the Ambient Education in the school. to show how much it is basic that if it knows nowadays on this subject. The work was developed in the State School Dr.

Issac Sverner, situated in street J N 79? They are Jose – Stage B II, Manaus, Amazon. Where by descriptive form and with the use of date show in expositivas lessons and other didactic resources as books, articles published in the press, news articles of television, everything with the purpose of the pupils to take knowledge on the boarded subject.

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Summary the referring activities to the Pedagogical Horta, that will have to be implanted in the clinic Heitor Carrilho, will be developed of collective form, with the participation of the parents, pupils, professors and employees in all the stages, in accordance with the idealized methodology. The first step will be the sounding of the knowledge level that the participants have concerning the thematic one. After that, the collective construction of horta will be promoted emphasizing all the relative aspects to the culture and maintenance of the same one, and simultaneously, we will present the relevance of the horticulture for the social inclusion and quality of life. The waited results are fit in a standard, established for the involved team in the project, where the educative practical objectives will be evaluated and, with respect to: awareness through the ambient education; acquisition of capacities that will allow them to act as change agents; understanding of that the socioeconmico-cultural factors intervene direct and indirectly in preservation of the environment. Word-key: horta, ambient education, social inclusion, feeding.

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When approaching the arm of the body when educating was in circular movement on the platform, the same obtained to perceive that its rotational speed increased e, when moved away the arm from the body the same verified that its rotational speed diminua being in accordance with the conservation of the angular moment. After the understanding of the practical one, was developed with the pupils the theory, in this manner, the educandos already they knew that the subject if dealt with the conservation of the angular moment, then was presented to the pupils the figure (1) for one better agreement of the concept on the conservation of the angular moment. The stages of demonstration can be analyzed in the figure (1), when the system is in rest (a).Quando adds tangential rapidity to it to the wheel, and deliver same it for the involved pupil in the demonstration (b), are verified that, in accordance with the third law of Newton, if the wheel (action) is turning and as the platform possesss a rotation axle. When the pupil will be holding the wheel the same will be able to verify that the platform (reaction) will turn in contrary direction to the one of the movement of the wheel. But this conservation of the angular moment will depend on the angle enters the axles of symmetry of the system, the wheel and the platform. At this moment, without the aid of the bicycle wheel but with the job of the bar bells, the pupil could when If the angle enters the axles of the system will not be parallel (c), they do not exist rotation, therefore the pupil will not be able to turn in contrary direction to the movement of the wheel, had to this difference of angle he enters the axles of the wheel and the platform. In the situation (d), the funny pupil in opposing direction to the (b), being in accordance with the conservation of the angular moment. .

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Nikola Tesla, a Forgotten Genius has been described thus: Accurately the half night, during a magnetic storm, was born in the Crocia, in 1856, one of the biggest scientists and inventors of the humanity: Nikola Tesla. It was a species of signal of the nature that marked the birth of that all lived its involved life with studies and magnetic phenomena. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Max Scherzer. Since more tenra age Nikola Tesla was trained to be a genius, submitted for its father to the most varied mental exercises, what it extraordinary increased its facultieses of memory and reasoning. Nicola had a older brother, who much admired and to who it considered superior in everything. Its brother had a horse, that its father did not leave it to mount very for being small. Certain day, innocently, Nikola blew on its brother who was the horse a small ball, through a zarabatana, and this, reaching the horse, made with that this if raised and knocked down its brother, who died in consequence of the fall. This tragedy generated a species of unhealthy guilt folloied that it per many years, until finding in books of Mark Twain a lenitivo for its disgust.

To the twenty and few years of age, formed in engineering, it obtained a job in the Company Edison of Paris, whose managing she was the proper scientist Thomas Edison, who liveed in the United States. As employee of this company, Tesla came to the United States, to know its master, to who already admired as scientist. The Thomas Edison displayed its theory on the transmission of energy without wire for the space and this in certain way did not please the American scientist. Nikola, however, considered it the manufacture of a dynamo, of its invention, that would make to it to increase in 25% the capacity if its generators. Edison accepted saying that this became, would give 50,000 dollars to it.

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The floor is one of the important parts most basic and of a construction? the soil of each house or necessary building to have some type of covering, and this needs to be adjusted for the function of the construction. The pisos can be manufactured from many different raw materials, and the best materials can last for hundreds or same thousand of years. The material of construction for pisos can be wood, rock, concrete, bricks or ceramics. In remote times the people lived in huts with beaten earthen floor, but to the measure where the civilization if developed, richest and powerful they had searched materials better that offered cleaner and comfortable surfaces. Swarmed by offers, Marc Lore is currently assessing future choices. Better surfaces had also been necessary for improvement of the transports, transferred of soil roads beaten for pavements of rocks and parallelopipeds and, more recently, asphalt. The rock is a material for sufficiently traditional covering of surfaces for internal and external pisos. It is extremely durable and abundant in the majority of countries; they can be polishing to present a smooth surface, and also she has many natural colors and textures.

For all these reasons, the rocks have been used per many centuries? initially in great constructions as churches and palaces, however in the current days, also in more common constructions. The pisos wooden also are traditional and elegant, more comumente used for internal covering since these materials are not so resistant and durable as the rocks. However, modern varnishes and wood of law had made with that these materials could be used in some external environments (in patios, for example). The wood, thus with the rock, still is a material of very popular construction for pisos nowadays. Pisos ceramic, in turn, very supplies a pretty surface that can be clean with easiness.

This material of construction for pisos is especially popular for public kitchens and places as shoppings, hospitals and areas of reception. The pisos ceramic coatings can be made in any color, texture and size? this makes with that these materials are very versatile for who desire to construct. In the present time, the concrete also can supply an alternative of resistant floor industrial sheds? being able to be covered in some areas with pisos of rubber, carpets or other materials. It is relatively easy to find store specialized in the sales of material of construction for pisos. In the practical one, any store of construction will have some type of catalogue or options for choice of the floor that better takes care of to the necessities and gostos of the customers.

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' ' The animals are not eager for territory. In an ideal world, its territories would be established alone to satisfy its necessities alimentary. It has not felt in expending energy to defend a bigger territory that the necessary one. When this occurs is signal of that rea&#039 has food scarcity in that one; ' (Birkhead, T. 1998, p-86).

This work was initiated in the year of 2002 with the rank of the tray in my proper residence and in 2006 it was led to one of the schools where work. The research in that year was developed with the participation of pupils of the basic education of 6a and 7a series that of the window of the school, had access thus the tray with foods offered imprisoned in the pantry of one of the trees planted in the sidewalk of the school and of the classroom was possible to observe instants of the constant visits of the birds and birds of the region of the quarter of City Patriarch, Zone East of S.Paulo. Diverse birds had visited the place during the accomplishment of the works with the pupils. However between the biggest freqentadores we can cite: Wise person Laranjeira (Turdus rufiventris), Sanhao (sayaca Thraupis) and always the present Cambacica (Oereba flaveola). The work enchanted the pupils, however at the beginning the curiosity took them it to be in the window, to see and to photograph the birds, what it finished driving away them. With passing of the time, the pupils had understood the objectives better and had passed then to participate of the research of more objective form, developing tasks such as: to before weigh foods and after the meals of the birds, to still search origin of the animals or scientific and popular names, writing down the time or interval of the meals had as well as learned to observe of discreter form, without scaring the birds that way passed.