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But, by dedicated or able to be the team leader, the groups without strong leadership of line never reach have the power they need. Do not it!: lack of vision. In all projects of transformation I’ve seen flourish, the directive coalition had developed an image of the future that was relatively easy to communicate and present to customers, suppliers and employees. (Similarly see: Super Bowl LV). A vision should always go beyond numbers that can be found in the plans for five years. A vision helps clarify the direction in which the organization wants to advance.

Without a reasonable vision, transformation projects can smudge easily captured in a list of confusing and incompatible projects that can brings to the company in the wrong direction or nowhere. In the transformations that have failed, tend to find many, many plans, guidelines and programs, but no vision. Another big mistake is to express the vision of form very complicated. Buried in 30 minutes long documents are often solid vision. But they are just buried, thereby only collaborate to create confusion and repulsion in employees. It is necessary to take into account that the transmission of vision must be carried in a continuous and consistent way. Not only through words, but through all the systems of information and communication of the company, at all levels, in different ways and through time. Consider that uptake of the message will not necessarily occur the first time that we urge it.

Consider also the need for fixation of ideas, and the time that leads to eliminate resistance. Generate credibility involves repeat and sustain the same message on our vision through different circumstances, in different contexts, and over time, backing up with action what we proclaim in the speech. Do not it!: not communicating the vision enough transformation is impossible unless the vast majority of people are willing to help, even though sometimes it means sacrifices in the short term.