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Puff pastry with cheese and chocolate. A nutritious and delicious, low calorie cake and espresso. Preparation: only three ounces of melted chocolate in the microwave, cut a piece of cheese in slices and prepare it as a murmur, a plate of cheese, a layer of chocolate, another layer of cheese to finish with a layer of chocolate. Filed under: Walgreens Co.. Tea of mint and chocolate. It is possible thanks to the astonishing mixture of tea and store, a franchise specializing in tea. Ideal to finish the meal with something sweet and without calories digestive! FuerRespecto when you go to eat dessert at a restaurant, especially during the week, the best is to choose a salad of fruit or sorbet.

If you are too greedy, take a whim with a sweet if the rest of the food so do you better, or stop the cravings for a day or two a week. cakes, ice cream, Apple, puddings, custards and mousses homemade pies are a good choice. Forget the brownies, pastry cream, sweet cream, dulce de leche, industrial pastries, profiteroles and, in general, all the fast food type of heat pumps. If practiced sports regularly or have had a great physicist dessert you want can afford!. Yes, always that after eating, take a walk rather than sit back and relax. Do the same if the temptation to take a dessert that should not be, with the trip will be paid the excess calories. Since no one likes anyone stop eating some kind of sweet, but we don’t like its impact on diet, we will spend a brief list of the calories per serving of the most common desserts. Try not to go! ?Arroz con leche: 150 calories?Ice cream: 211 calories?Vanilla ice cream: 161 calories?Chocolate ice cream: 220 calories?Chocolate light ice cream: 160 calories?Merengue: 87 calories?Mille-Feuille: 379 calories?Ice cream milk: 219 calories?Jam: 250 calories?