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Another type of hipoglicemia is if to make activity in jejum, where the organism anger to search a new power plant to practise such activity. POWERS and HOWLEY, say the same thing, however in a way simpler ' ' the hipoglicemia occurs when the rate of catch of the glucose sanguineous delgado&#039 is not folloied by the release of the liver and/or the intestine; '. If to analyze, for example, an athlete who trains force exercises the capacity that it will have in a test of aerobic power will be better, worse or she will not the same suffer alterations if to eat carboidrato? For the specialists GOMES et. Al, at first moment had not been seen no alteration of these athletes, however the competing training can come to have a negative result for some athletes, inasmuch as that it damages the magnifying of the aerbica effectiveness, and considering the studies most expressive currently the competing training it is the weakness of profit of force and aerbica power in relation with the isolated training of both. The relation of competing training in relation with the isolated training, is that the first one believes that the muscle in execution has more stimulates of what that one that works separately, thus entering in the consumption of carboidratos, if the muscle that has more I stimulate it provokes an energy increase, determining this advance the athlete consumes more carboidrato to support itself with a enough amount for such action. Already the muscle that works isolated does not cause increase of the energy in such a way, a time that it produces little stimulates of what the competitor the carboidrato replacement is lesser. So that if it perceives what it happens with the glicmica tax of athlete COYLE, it says that making exercises its organism will be working and liberating the muscular glycogen it occurs so that it to the actions of movement, to each degree of energy that is set free is capable to speed up the metabolism this work starts with the release of the glucose in the sanguineous flow, in the lack of the same one will go to make with that the muscle pass to spend the glucose, when this will be finishing that it passes the produziz and it liberates will be the liver. . .

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Until the moment little it was implanted in this area. (GIODA, 2010, 1) 2,2 Presentation of the project to the community the presentation of the project was given in the only School of Basic Education of the community. Some lectures, workshops and dynamic of groups with the pupils of 5 had been carried through 8 series, with the objective to sensetize them on the ambient questions and to invite to participate them it of the project. Although all the twenty educators of the School had been invited, only two if had made gifts the accomplishment of these activities in the School if it made important as half to assure the quality of the monitoring in health to be exerted by the community, represented here for the pupils, to the measure that, through the informative colloquy and of the educative workshops, if allowed to the accurate understanding of the local problems for all the participants. To the professionals of the health this action came to fortify the understanding of that the practical ones of promotion of the health are: prevention of risks or damages, protection of the health and promotion of the values of the life, searching well-being and the quality of life. (BRAZIL, 2001, 32) In this search for well-being and the quality of life they find one locus privileged the ambient questions. From there the importance to foment the participation popular and to enable members of the community, mainly young, so that they can help in the practical ones of awareness of the population through its active participation in the life of the proper territory., mainly in the field of the ambient monitoring. In other words, one intends that these young comes to be the protagonists of condicionantes actions that provide to the knowledge and the detention of any change in the determinative negative factors and of the environment that in general intervenes with the health human being and the life. Olympics recognizes the significance of this.

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The pharmaceutical market inside represents one of the markets of bigger importance in the national scene in such a way for the vendido volume as for the importance the health of the population in general, but another segment is a different market of any. Currently the market comes being each more competitive time and the companies have to be always innovating its behaviors; the technological advances make with that the products are launched in a time each shorter time, with its cycle of lesser life, making with that the professionals of the marketing find ways to maximize the acceptance of sales of these. Understanding marketing as social and managemental process, in way that the individual or collective necessities and desires are taken care of by the creation, it offers and exchange of products, one of the strategies of marketing recurrently used as distinguishing competitive it is the relationship marketing. The modern marketing places below the concept of sales practised in the past, where the companies simply placed its products in the market and had an mount of money for promotion of them, a qualification basic of the force of sales where of course the product was vendido. In the organizations it has diverse nuncias, must be acted in three levels: strategical, tactical and operational. The strategical and tactical levels many times receive adequate attention from the direction. Many people confuse marketing with sales and propaganda. In the truth sales and propaganda she is part of a set of actions that compose the marketing; it is the social process and managemental through the which individuals and groups they get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others.. .

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It fits to detach here the question of the pleasure and displeasure, therefore Freud also came across with the qualitative question of the sensations and ideas. Which would be the motivation of ours action? What it would make to prefer such or which thing or idea? Freud answers to these questions relating the classroom Omega of neurons to the displeasure, therefore this would be the factor that puts Phi and Psi in movement, stimulating the system to the fulfilment of its primary function, that is ‘ ‘ zerar’ ‘ the stimulatons for the survival of the organism. Therefore for a system that desires the rest, any stimulaton is considered displeasure and must be ‘ ‘ escoado’ ‘. Soon, we perceive that Omega transforms amount into quality through the intensity and regularity of the stimulatons, that in this case are conscientious. Freud becomes original when it approaches a philosophical question and it of the science characteristics and reorganizes the hierarchy of the passions, in the measure where it attributes importance to the displeasure, had here as all and any stimulaton, as the factor that the machine puts into motion human being, different of Hobbes and Condillac that attribute to the desire and to the pleasure this function.

Conclusion Leaving of the beginning of that all the human being it thinks and that the end biggest of the life is the happiness, we have then gnese of the thought based on the sensations as point of convergence between Hobbes, Condillac and Freud. However Hobbes and Condillac attribute the happiness to the necessity of pleasant sensations, in Hobbes the desire already put into motion the human being, in Condillac the pair pleasure/displeasure become the man capable to choose what happiness brings it. Both the philosophers will give base to the studies of Freud on the functioning of the mind and this goes to enxergar in this notion of passional life what it unbalances the nervous system, that stops being well necessary of rest. Freud then almost brings a conception of happiness that inexistent, therefore to live for it is a pack, since never we are free of stimulatons, lives in constant discomfort, only when exempting in them of the stimulatons we will be happy, that is, never will be happy while still alive, because as Freud the goal of the psychic device is the death, when will occur the end of all the stimulatons. In this perspective, we will find mitolgicas figures of Eros and Thanatos gifts in these philosophies constituting the paradox of the life human being and for which we can look salvation in ‘ ‘ espelho’ ‘ , that it configures the matrix of cure of the psychoanalysis based on the old motto of the temple of Delfos ‘ ‘ Mesmo’ knows you it you; ‘. Bibliographical references BOCCA, F.V. Passions and psychoanalysis: modern dimensions of the nature human being.

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The previous author speaks despite to enter itself in the cold water can generate one I stimulate of great corporeal desiquilbrio, come to have the same consequncias in the excessively hot water, therefore the necessary organism of certain time to adapt the definitive temperatures, in case that I oppose it enters in estresse.JUNIOR and DUNDER, (2002) he also standes out that the physical effort also generates disequilibrium of the body, in sight of this fact also will need a little of time so that the balance comes back again. Consequentemente, to swim can generate reactions in the corporal structure and this necessary structure of time to adapt itself to the way where this, in accordance with the thought it author can be inserted diverse tricks in the phase of adaptation of the child to the way I eliminate. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Doug McMillon. One of the first tricks that we can insert soon in the first lesson of the child he is ' ' Mgica&#039 rain; ' , where the professor uses of a simple watering can of garden, and he makes rain in proper itself ahead and demonstrating to the pupil naturalness the water falling in its head and not transmitting fear some it, then later the professor he makes rain on of the pupil and observes the reaction that it goes to have the water ahead. If in case that it rejects the water and he does not like the trick, it will be a signal that it still has a little of fear of the water, and will fit to the professor to make a diversified work, talking with the parents so that at the moment of the bath of the child it can have a bigger contact with the water falling in its head, in this way goes to facilitate the work of the professor.6.2Adaptao and Initiation of the AprendizagemNa age of two the three years the form that more it is used in the adaptation of swimming is by means of the individual tricks and in group, that is, in playful way where the child does not perceive that the majority of the corporal movements that this making is of swimming and with this if he becomes more easy learning of the same one.

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These patients, when submitted the exercises, they do not show reduction in the aerobic capacity, even so exists a bigger effort during the practical one. (1-7) The tried amount of pain is related to the level of physical condition, and patients with fibromialgia are generally physical and aerobicamente badly conditional. Moreover, studies of the sanguine flow in the muscle had demonstrated that the muscles and other fabrics in fibromilgicos patients suffered from hipxia.

The lack of ability to contract the muscle efficiently suggests an ability lack to execute of adequate form one definitive task. The patient ones generally become badly-conditional as resulted of the limitation of its exercises in function of pain or the fatigue. (1-7) The reduction of sleep, temporarily would increase the fatigue, what in turn it reduces the will of if exercising; on the other hand, the exercise lack reduces the amount of sleep repairman. Both, the reduction of sleep and the inactivity reduce the release of the hormone of growth with probable repercussion on the protein synthesis. (1-7) This sample that the improvement of the aerobic capacity in the exercises is not the main objective in a program of treatment for fibromilgicos. (1-7) The importance of an adhesion in the program of aerbicos exercises, shows in the long run for the patient resulted beneficial, since a protocol for a treatment session does not exist, being able to vary the activities inclusas, the time and the intensity (walked in the mat, ergometric and swimming; 2 or 3 times per week; 30, 40 or 60 minutes).

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The objectives in short term are to work with the labor cinesioterapia, prolongating the overloaded musculaturas of the cervical, lumbar region, fist, hands and inferior member for the cited factors previously, promoting significant improvements in such a way in pains gifts how much in the discomfort already installed in the collaborator, beyond generating a prevention for those preserved structures. The relaxation through circulatrios movements of head, shoulder, fist, fingers, hip, legs and feet helps in the circulation of such structures that remain static and with high load of pressure for a long period due the hourly routine of work and orientaes of pauses. The orientaes are essential to acquire knowledge the collaborator of the correct positions who if must exert during its day, brightening up pains and preventing future patologias. (COUTO, 1995) It emphasizes the importance of the pause for the organism. The objectives in long stated period are to adjust the furniture how much the ergonomic necessities, that is, in accordance with the norms of the NR17 that is: For manual work seated or that it has of being made in foot, group of bencheses, tables, writing-desks and the panels they must provide to the worker conditions of good position, visualization and operation, and must take care of to the following minimum requirements: ) to have height compatible characteristics of the surface of work with the type of activity, in the distance required of the eyes to the work field and with the height of the seat; b) to have area of work of easy reach and visualization for the worker; c) to have dimensional characteristics that make possible adequate positioning and movement of the corporal segments. The seats used in the work ranks must take care of to the following minimum requirements of comfort: ) the adjustable height to the stature of the worker and the nature of the exerted function; b) characteristic of little or no conformation in the base of the seat; c) rounded off edge frontal; d) I lean lightly with suitable form to the body for protection of the lumbar region. At Doug McMillon you will find additional information.

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The static for developing the performance of the limit of the amplitude. the asset for balancing force and relaxation of agonistas and antagonists, being thus trainings alternating. For Dantas (2005), the allonge consists of three types of action: – Stretching: it is the execution of one determined movement to the cost of the action of the antagonist, of other muscular groups or the action of third, being equivalent to an ample and complete espreguiamento; – Suspension: in this type of allonge, it does not have movement of the joints. Thus the ligaments and the muscles that surround the joints are tracionados by means of the action of the gravity; – Acquittal: it consists of the balancing of the members, that if carried through for another person, can be folloied of light traction. The type of action of stretching in this research so that they involved different muscular groups, and also for the complete action of ample espreguiamento was used. Causing bigger relaxation of muscles joints.

According to Dantas (2005), to if observing the degree of flexibility of a joint, it is perceived that diverse factors will be concurring for this, as: – Mobility: in regards to the degree of freedom of the movement of the joint; – Elasticity: regarding to the elastic stretching of the components; – Plasticity: degree of temporary deformation that muscular structures and joints must suffer, to make possible the movement. A residual degree of deformation exists that if keeps after ceased the applied force, known as histeresis; – Malleability: modifications of the partial tensions of the skin, fruit of the necessary rooms in the considered segment. OBJECTIVE the objective of the research was to verify if after to initiate and to give to continuity the allonge lessons, the participant women of the diverse activities of the project + Health, in the city of Andradina-SP, would go to feel in relation the activities of the daily and practical life of other physical exercises better or worse.

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The adolescent behavior presents one appeals in the culture contemporary. Therefore the problematic one of these young can be understood from the analysis of the historical moment where they are inserted (Giroux, 1996; Green and Bigun, 1995; Abramo, 1997 apud Soares 2007). Click Larry David to learn more. To this phenomenon of after-modernity, characteristics as the individualism, the globalization, the media, the composed figure of the absent mother, families for assumed homosexuals, paternity and maternity for adoption and artificial insemination, shortening of the adolescence among others configure the scene where the young of century XXI is living (BIRTH, 2005). The adolescents, in consequence of the phase where if they find become white perfect of this cult the body emphasized for the media. I fight it to the infantile body and the acceptance of this new body that if form is something complicated for the adolescents, the integration of all the corporal modifications arrives if to become something strange. The corporal alterations determine a revision of the auto one? image and the construction of a corporal image (BIRTH, 2005). As Shilder (1994) apud Saikali (2004) the corporal image is the mental representation that we have of our body. In this period of changes the adolescent attributes much importance to the look of the other and to be disturbs different it very, the friends functions as mirror.

Therefore the ideal of the physical appearance becomes these young slaves of diets, natural academies, sports, products, plastic surgeries, them is vulnerable to this idolatria of the body. (BIRTH, 2005). With all this emphasis to the body appears a phenomenon.

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Visa with frequency in the given lessons of gymnastics in the academies, the exercises with ball give a great one resulted and if executed in correct way they can even though be made in house. Fitball, that enormous ball that the people costumam to use in the gymnastics academies, appeared in the decade of 70, back in Switzerland. Had to its fisioteraputicos effect, it if it spread quickly for the world. The ball helps in the treatment of problems of incorrect position, potencializa the beneficial effect of the ground gymnastics, the located call and contributes to make of the allonge a pleasant activity, being able until being compared with a massage, therefore it alliviates the tension and it becomes the active circulation. The used ball in the physical exercises collaborates to improve the balance, therefore as it is not steady demands effort.

It very hardens the glteo and the legs, being also recommended for that they search an abdomen clear-cut. It also collaborates to improve the physical conditioning. She has certain treinos, nowadays, that they make of ball, not plus a coadjuvante, these very gostosos and is amused. If you were with will to try you know that it can be acquired in any store that makes use of esportivos equipment. I go to leave here some tips for that they had never used it. Well, an excellent exercise for the posterior part of the legs is to lie down itself on the ball and to place its hands in the soil, in the front, to have support and balance.

A leg in the soil can leave, folded in an angle of 90 and to another one it must be straight line and to be raised per two seconds only. It repeats this exercise twenty times for each leg, in three series. In case that it is easy, it can place caneleiras, also. If beyond the legs its intention will be the glteo, good, has a very good exercise for this. It is of foot, apie its coasts in the ball, this must be leaned in a wall. It bends then the legs, as if you were if to seat forms an angle of 90 and raises. It also repeats this agachamento twenty times, respecting the number of series, that generally is three. One always remembers to rest one minute between the series. If to want drinks a bit of water. The hidratao is very important and it cannot be forgotten, also during a physical activity. Already it heard to speak of the program of control of weight of the Nutralogistic? One is about an innovative solution brought by MaxBurn, a natural composition that it aims at to return to it good form to it without leaving of side the good health. The program was developed to be used in set with MaxBurn and to promote a radical change in its life.