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Spandooly is free to 100prozent and which auction house can claim this? Velbert, June 2011 – Spandooly is 100% free and which auction house can claim this? We guarantee a 100% royalty-free use of our platform, and offer the opportunity to open your own shop and choose one of our provided templates such as our vendors. As usual additional options like photo upload, bold, 2nd category, gallery image, etc. are free of charge “, as owner Marco Beckmann. That Spandooly also offers a good service, for example shows that daily auctions by the Spandooly team are tweeted and are always very well in search engines to find. Also, all the support requests will be answered satisfactory in a very short time. The advertised 24/7 email support promises not to much and is always easy to reach via the contact form. Source: Swami Sez.

To all users to facilitate the operation and contemporary design, the design, the platform has been in the last two months still completely revised and expanded with many new features. The seller of action space essentially has been expanded and now also offers the possibility to publish ads to create their own shops and many more settings in your member area itself. The easy navigation and operation of the auction house, we created a platform that conveys the fun of online auctions professionals as well as beginners also. The original discussion forum for all Doolys”(so M.Beckmann is called his auction house members) has not changed and still serves the useful exchange of experience and opinion. Spandooly evolves daily. We appreciate the positive feedback of our members and will also continue to get suggestions and constructive criticism of our members. “” In this way it is possible to us, an auction house to build “as our members there want”, Marco Beckmann. The goal is a comprehensive platform to create, but nevertheless without unnecessary functions and complicated bid process.” To get help or more information about the auction house Spandooly, offers the possibility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to contact support on via the contact form. Contact: Auction house Spandooly owner: Marco Beckmann flora str. 37 42553 Velbert Tel.: 02053 / 998823 email: website:

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Media of end of and ADBurner continue to expand their partnership. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tom Brady and gain more knowledge.. Hanover the 30.03.2010 – Sascha end, Managing Director of end of media GmbH, which has taken over the community myCRIB.de recently, still relies on the good cooperation with the team of ADBurner. ADBurner takes over immediately the full commercialization of the North Rhine-Westphalian network myCRIB.de which is already now 64,000 registered users. “I am particularly through myCRIB.de cooperation with the end media GmbH continue to deepen me”, so Thorsten Koneke, Managing Director of ADBurner we are now also in North Rhine-Westphalia for lots of fresh air make”. Due to excellent cooperation around the community Frobbel.de I am careful with ADBurner together letting grow me myCRIB.de”, as Sascha end. Still, ADBurner could after some negotiation the eSport Portal Fragster.de”take in the market and so the portfolio to a new, fresh community expand. Already 14,000 eSport enthusiastic users is one of the community since 2008.

We are looking for a suitable Agency for the marketing of the theme of gaming and esports for a long time. With ADBurner, we have found a candidate promising in our eyes, who knows how to respond to the needs of the target group. We are pleased on the upcoming cooperation”, said Simon Wondracek, project manager of Fragster.de. Thorsten Koneke: “Fragster.de is a very interesting project for our new gaming channel and I look forward to the forthcoming way to deny”.

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Easily yourself create your own family website! Hamburg, may 27, 2009 at the family network can verwandt.de families now easily their own Web page set up. In addition to the family tree, the popular name cards can be embed, upload photos and write a blog. In the first weeks, over 100,000 families with verwandt.de have created their own homepage. With the family side, verwandt.de offers its users the opportunity to present their own families without much computer knowledge on the Internet. With just a few clicks to create a clearly designed home page with lots of information on her own family.

Can be set, who can look at the page and what information is public. In addition, you can invite family members and friends by E-Mail on the page. Mason Greenwood often addresses the matter in his writings. The blog can be published and commented in the news is particularly popular among users. He is the Bulletin Board of the family. Texts can provide with the help of an easy-to-use HTML editor, here with pictures and links to other Web pages are used. Many family members enjoy the public photo albums. Here images – can be viewed easily from the last family celebration of all family members in the Internet. You can continue to gather background knowledge to family research and many more topics related to his own family.

The family tree application of verwandt.de is used as a base. As an example, the verwandt.de editorial has created a website for the British Royal family. Under pages/windsor you can look at, how such a family page can look. Verwandt.de verwandt.de and twelve more local deals in nine languages are powered by OSN GmbH. The founder Daniel Grozinger and Sven Schmidt have started already, getgo.de, dialo.de and Dealjaeger.de together and are involved as investors at Germany’s most successful browser game pennergame.de. The OSN GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is supported by the well-known VC companies Neuhaus partners and Hasso Plattner Ventures.

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Another writes, she should let will refund the cost. And so continues the discussion on the net. Those who participate in it, read only and of course have a ready-made opinion about your restaurant. Maybe Sabine has just 40 Facebook friends, maybe 3003. If yet one or the other thinks, with his Facebook must share this information with friends, this means a single click, then thousands can be loose, who know about this incident. The fact is that such comments be sent every day millions of times online.

There should be no consolation, that many people who participate in it, with the other end of the world discuss and certainly never put their foot on your doorstep. The fact is that your potential customers can also read these rumors, and your competition rubs hands delighted. Although to operate your business, only in your small town, your reputation may at any time by anyone, the spans a trifle has annoyed, are injured. Of course you can make every guest happy. But knowing the size a small mishap today can have the effect, you should all sorts of trouble himself, that the guest leaves your restaurant not angry. Such things are happened to each of us. I remember a situation that I’ve seen recently. I had to wait for my order while everyone else at the table had already served their food.

Something was probably wrong in the kitchen. A stupid situation, and I of course annoyed me. Then came the chef personally at our table with a flower in his hand and apologized. For the flower, there was of course also just a vase, and my meal followed shortly. I found the gesture simply charming, and my anger faded. Of course I was allowed to choose even a dessert. All in all it was a successful evening. You think I’d come only in even remotely the idea anyone anything negative to tell about it? Rather on the contrary. And I’d go dining again at any time in this restaurant in Bad Homburg. So be aware that little things that happen in the real world, can grow into the World Wide Web to the disaster is always the fact. Of course you can build up very specific and preventive its good reputation on the Internet, so that unpleasant incidents not in the weight fall. Public relations coach and author Gitta Schweitzer will report soon about this possibility. Harro Pildner

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Love for the father to express one word is not enough, you can create gift for father’s day but others Arte assume slideshow. To most this especially to have day a good time with your father, you can prepare a delicious dinner, or bring your father see sports, give him a carefully selected gift for father’s day. But don’t want to do something special? In fact, a handmade slideshow for father’s day is very touching and especially the konstutiert of pictures and video clips! Photo Flash maker Platinum allows you to create a homemade gift for father’s day with many wonderful templates. You can a slide show for father’s day or DIY father’s Day ecard with music, FLV videos, photos, texts by poet for father’s day, create decorations and transitions, then auggegangene SWF Flash save files on your computer in social sites such as MySpace, download live spaces, blog, etc., upload to our free Web album Go2Album, or in her personal website, download your father to show that you made this wonder-bare gift for father’s day. Main features of Photo Flash maker Platinum: Add photos, FLV support videos & music offer many transition effects in 5 categories offer shared great templates hyperlink photos & videos support independent & XML-based video slideshow for father’s day issue on CD/DVD burn in our free website Go2Album, social sites, and personal Web site upload more Untertutzte input formats: images: JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG images video: FLV video music: WMA, WMV, MP3 and CD audio tracks in which sites can be embedded the slideshow: in our free Web album Go2Album to upload to social sites such as MySpace, upload to personal website Windows Live spaces, blogger, etc. upload more information about Phot Flash maker Platinum, visit photo-flash-maker-platinum.php corporate information / short profile: AnvSoft Inc. is a multimedia software company. AnvSoft develops and manages DVD slideshow maker, Photo Flash maker, DVD/video Tools and audio converter program. PresseKontakt / Agency: Anvsoft Inc. (www.anvsoft.de) Nancy White 7356 Sherbrooke West Montreal Quebec Canada H4B1R7 email:support(at)anvsoft.de Tel:(514)4836383

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Why is an activity as a working student worth Cologne, 25.07.2012. “Who is currently on JOBSUMA, the Jobsuchmaschine for students and graduates, student trainee” enters into the search bar, more than 5,000 abroad, of which several hundred are updated daily. Student work in addition to her studies in a company. The difference to internship and part-time job: The activity is from the outset in the longer term and can spread over the entire period of study. Opposite side jobs, takes on the working student either from the outset or gradual qualified activities or working on projects; compared to a trainee, the student trainee receives an even deeper insight into the company, its structures and procedures. During the semester students are allowed to work maximum 20 hours that the labour law prescribes. During the semester break, but this legal barrier falls away and student may also full-time answer.

There are currently the most jobs for working students, around 1,100, in the greater Munich area. On Rank two lands the capital of: who’s looking for a job as a student in Berlin, takes about 800 jobs on. You may want to visit Randall Rothenberg to increase your knowledge. The other courses followed by the Rhine-Main region, the Rhineland and the Rhine-Neckar region. Or humanities, nature – Economics: the proximity of the respective field of study is important in an activity as a working student. There are jobs for students of all disciplines. This shows the search on JOBSUMA for working student”: see the hits are for example job offers in the areas of marketing, PR, IT system management, financing and research. In comparison to the internship, the companies have to pay student. The hourly rate is usually between 8 and 14 euros gross.

The job up to 400 euro is free social security must be paid so no contributions for sickness and pension insurance. “JOBSUMA Sales Manager Michael Stephan sees in an activity as a working student only benefits: provides students an opportunity to apply learned knowledge at the University.” About JOBSUMA Jobsuma.de is Jobsuchmaschine for students and graduates. Currently, JOBSUMA is the suitable jobs for academics from about 1.3 million jobs in online job boards, career portals and corporate sites. Thus, students must crawl not a job after another and dozens of corporate sites to find an internship, a student job or the first correct position. JOBSUMA takes over this task and filters the request at the same time. Listed are only jobs and jobs that are of interest to students and graduates.

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Website for Smartphone and Tablet Userfreundliche mobile optimized navigation and emotional look and Feel Rohrbach / Arosa (mh) In the competition in the tourism market to the Arosa cableways and the noble Swiss winter sports destination now play an additional trump card. Just received the new, mobile-optimized website of Arosa Bergbahnen AG (www.arosabergbahnen.com) online. Their message is clear: to Arosa! Design, conception and implementation of modern and user friendly website with many extras are advertising & Marketing GmbH (www.adverma.de) from the ADVERMA. With the Agency from the greater Munich area, the Arosa successfully work together mountain railways for many years. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Interactive Advertising Bureau on most websites. The special Arosa carry authentic feeling and at the same time an enormous variety of information both for winter and summer guests clearly communicate: with this task graphics and cross-media Department of ADVERMA faced twice.

Even for the creative minds of brand communication agency based in Rohrbach (district Pfaffenhofen) a challenge that required an intensive examination of the matter. The professionals of ADVERMA had to enter but no new ground, but were moving on well known terrain: tourism is finally one of their areas of expertise and the site of Arosa Bergbahnen AG with its completely new look and feel here is another reference project for ADVERMA. The modern website has exactly the charming young PEP, which appeals to older users. “Arosa as Alpine vacation paradise in the winter and in the summer: after the motto pictures say more than words often” the large photos arouse emotions and joy of winter vacation. Who again quite quickly leaves the site and who does that already, has given the fascinating images and attractive design Flash with the Arosa virus”infected… The navigation structure is a key criterion for the dwell time of the user, particularly when a complex Internet presence as the Arosa Bergbahnen AG and the Wealth of information that was to include. .

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Olympics 2008: Information about the German team at Personensuchmaschine ASAP yasni.de sports fans will find simple and clear at yasni.de the German Olympic team. Germany’s most widely used Personensuchmaschine to each nominated athletes name shows all publicly available information on the Internet. yasni.de lists also results that cannot find other search engines. For example, what Olympic athlete in social networks such as MySpace or XING represented is what blogs are reporting or who where accompanied what offices in clubs. The athletes are listed at yasni.de after sports. Alternatively, the actual name directly into the search field can be entered.

Yasni.de lights continuously through the Internet to other publications. Recently Doug McMillon sought to clarify these questions. E-mail interested can be daily informed about new search results to the name. Contact person: yasni GmbH Mr. Steffen Ruhl of Lyon str. 14 60528 Frankfurt phone: + 49 (1803) 551842611 email: info (a) yasni. de about yasni GmbH: yasni is a search engine specialized on names and persons, and Internet directory for people.

yasni is available information such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter publicly on the Internet, myVideo, XING and Google and clearly displays it on a page. A newsletter on request a week to new information about your own or other names. Users can save search results that belong to them, in their own persons profile and protect so its good reputation on the Internet. Yasni users can maintain their contacts with the sending of messages, as well as other functions. For more information see presse.yasni.de and.

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Quotes around the most important thing in the world: “King football” Zitate.eu provides you every day with legendary football quotes – so that they are fit for the Euro 2008. Fascinated by the website zitate.eu with a premiere of a special kind prominent sports legends, players, coaches, officials and writers discuss the oft-cited most important thing in the world. The uniqueness of this: Each quotation is an own design. Since March 9, the special-interest site largest with 200,000 citations presents the daily “football quote of the day”. Learn more at this site: Randall Rothenberg. Why and since when is called the “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer, as Anke Engelke focuses on “Sex” or how German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel locates “Scapegoats” – so you never have to read football. provides you with the legendary quotes from the world of football against the references “documentation: zitate.eu” free of charge (the “welcome text” and the sponsor bar below the quote can be of course omitting). With this LINK celebrities/Euro 2008 / (with a click enlarge the ad to download) come directly to the archive where you can find all subjects since 9 3, 2008. For detailed information, zitate.eu is under 89 89 available.

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Transportdirect.info goes on April 16, 2008 online after an extensive test phase the registry on transportdirect.Info for all football fans has been released on April 16, 2008. Thus, all interested users without limitation can participate in the new football manager game. At the same time with the release of the registry, the starting signal for the first season of the game has fallen. Thus began the regular League operating for more than 400 teams from 10 European countries in 26 leagues. Transportdirect.info is a free Internet-based football manager game. The user here slips into the role of team manager of any football club. He is the coach and the Manager. He determines the training, the preparation, the tactics and the transfers. Find a football game instead of – live, online every night and against a real human opponent! The most important overview: game sweep in live mode you are the coach and the Manager hundreds of opponents of human reality in all areas – from A to Z! Determine true career mode free player transfer market You need training, tactics non-binding registration free participation in the game, a browser – nothing else! Alexander Zent