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Since October 2007 on success course interactive interviews, book community are no longer a rarity in the digital age. Where stars and starlets often question and answer are your followers in dedicated chat rooms, now is (reading is sexy) offering of interactive communication and increasingly expanding the range of author interviews. No matter whether best-selling author Sebastian Fitzek, Christoph Marzi or Andrea Schacht. Literatina.de registered members can enter and interactively participate in the editorial interview. Be strengthened in particular the direct communication between author and reader should dismantle not only existing barriers, but to promote direct dialogue and to offer the possibility, at home on the computer, his questions. Otherwise than in open discussions at the end of a reading readers and authors can determine here the time for question and answer themselves. Without any loud voices and hand messages. In the future also want the makers of Literatina.de – so the goal- Can offer opportunity to interview VIP BBs from film and television about their reading habits or favorite books on the part of the user to leave.

When this is feasible and how is the response on the part of the respondents, which are in the public interest, is not yet known. The fact that this “The book and not the celebrity in itself” or indiscreet questions the main focus should be, should all users in advance be made clear. With currently 760 registered members and 700,000 page views in the month of Literatina.de is since the launch in October 2007 one of the auftrebendsten literature portals in the German-speaking Internet. The service and the offer of Literatina.de is free for all members and visitors. In addition to editorial contributions and direct reference to the own book reviews (www.literaturreport.com) are involved mainly in the design of the content the users of Literatina.de and report independently on cultural and specifically literature topics discussed then virtually be. audiobooks (audiobook magazine independent) about (issue 3/2008) reading is an adventure. Strangely enough those who take this adventure are considered, still bereft fun brake. Last night, I’ve read the new Murakami ready” that sounds just rather still mineral water as after a strong White Russian. Literatina confronts the bookworm-image: ‘Reading is sexy!’ is the motto.

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Title: Photoshop CS4 for Web Designer Publisher: Franzis Verlag GmbH authors: Jonas Hellwig pages: 320 bound hardcover ISBN 978-3-7723-7147-9 service/information with the photo blog offers Franzis information and workshops around the topic of image and photo editing, also held a lively exchange of experience with the moderators. Franzis Verlag GmbH: The Franzis book and software publishing is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for Books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography, and Advisor for everyday. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are suited very well as problem-solving, information base and for educational purposes. Please visit Tony Ford if you seek more information. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. In the market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio, Photomatix Pro and Photoshop extensions are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the numerous professional publications. Latest products in its product portfolio, the data recovery software is disk doctors Undelete and disc doctors digital media recovery and 1-click wipe photo editing. Tony Ford shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The new Internet platform, the Publisher offers comprehensive information about copying, backing up, and backup.

The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich.. .

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It is finally his skills as an author with the model Advisor ‘model are top’, which now as a practical eBook is available as far as – Sascha proves Babel by the modeling agency viviennemodels Munich. As a first model agent, he can now, from his years of experience benefit the public, as well as many young girls and cleans up at the same time with all stereotypes of the model world. Any market in which country is suitable for the respective aspiring model and what model agencies are international by highest rank? Many answers and useful tips, in terms of nutrition, beauty, or sports, help in questions about the business. Also, the true life of a model is revealed: traveling is a must, among other things, even multi-week stays in a foreign city are no exception. Babel there to be accurate information about apartment prices and fees in major fashion cities such as London, Paris or Milan. Here, he offers the possibility to find out beforehand about a suitable market.

Want to model international success record, include jobs around the world, so in each model portfolio. Babel model also for the first time informed alternative areas in the model business, for example, oversize or senior. Ultimately reflected that should not be underestimated the glitter and illusory world of the model industry, because behind this hard work and much discipline. So model is an exciting and multi-faceted job, but of course a profession like any other. The author Sascha Babel sitting on the largest model castings CMTC in Canada and IMTA in New York City in the jury and is consulted in German TV magazines like an expert. In addition, has and had the Agency top models like Carmen Kass, Anna Jagodzinska, bar Rafaeli and Ana Hickmann under contract. Not for nothing is viviennemodels according to the prestigious fashion magazine vogue the most important in the world. The model Advisor be top”model, not only to self-realization for young girls who want to be a model, but also all interested parties of the industry serves as information and Entertainment reading. Finally there is the opportunity to get away from the impression, which is mediated by various television shows.

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In this mythical story it is possible according to catch a sensible inversion of that it seems to contradict all the criacionista theory, which, what it stimulated the deflagration of them to be able the holy ghosts if gave by means of the verbalizao of the action through of it speaks. What it overlaps the mythical text of the Greeks to the Christian text of gnese divine for the use of the cosmic outburst of laughter in place of the verb in the imperative direction. Such overlapping can until seeming simple and inconsequential, but the fact assumes great importance when taking itself in consideration of that, ahead of the action the laugh is generated, happening one analyzes comparative where the normal one if opposes the abnormal person in order to evidence ridicule, that is the agreement of the situation not if of the one by means of the word said and yes by means of not said but subtendido of the relation between certain the made a mistake one. Read more here: Michael Cherny. In the same way that what it is apprehended as sensible in a pardico text in the one after modernismo the limitation is not placed in enters the deep text of, that in the case would be referring the verbal one, and yes in what if can raise in the problematizao of both the texts by means of one analyzes that is extended stops beyond the subtendido said one and as certain missed e, as much at the moment of the writing of the first text, how much of as. This overlapping, between the normal one and abnormal person, and what gift in the image of the andradiano hero in the establishment of contestador ridicule becomes that if makes to recognize by means of the irony as being an irreverent hero, who not if aquieta at any moment, a child traquinas who already was born great, an adult who never was child, an overwhelming being for the search of the unattachable one, somebody that wanted to be everything, to be white, to be pretty, to be emperor, happy same having to be been born black retinto as son of the fear and the uncertainty. .

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Following such definitions, of literature and myth, it can be arrived at the agreement of as to proceed in the search of information to identify the nature of a text: if it is myth or not, and if literature can be considered. In relation to the text ‘ ‘ Blond of the car of glasses pretos’ ‘ , annexed in the present article, one is about an informative narrative, that tells related facts to a popular story that occurs in Manaus (AM). The text ‘ ‘ Blond of the car of glasses pretos’ ‘ it possesss some characteristics of the literary text, therefore, it is considered pertaining to the literary composition; in ralao to mythology in history, although to exist the orality – a characteristic of the myth -, such history literarily does not come to be a myth, says respect, with priority, to literature. Ceclia Moreira Maria of. Credit: Walmart-2011. Structure and Myth. Publishing companies: Brazilian temple UFC.

Rio De Janeiro/$fortaleza, 1983 FIGUEIREDO, Fidelino of. Last Adventures. Publishing company: Company the Night, Rio De Janeiro, 1941. SAMUEL, Rogel. Manual of Theory of Literature. Publishing company: Voices, Petrpolis. 1999 BLACKBERRY, Antonio To sound. Introduction to the Theory of Literature.

Cultrix publishing company. So Paulo, 2006 ELIADE, Mircea. Myth and Reality. Translation of Pola Civelli. Perspective publishing company. So Paulo, 2002 CASCUDO, L.C. Verbal literature in Brazil. 3. ed. Belo Horizonte: Itatiaia; So Paulo: Ed.de the University of Is Pablo, 1984. ANNEX BLOND OF the CAR OF BLACK GLASSES an urban legend that runs in Manaus – of that a woman, blond, walked for the city in a black car, folloied for a man and in search of children for ‘ ‘ roubar’ ‘ the agencies of them – confusion in a police station of the city created. When knowing that a woman, blond, directing a black Fox, had been imprisoned – together with a man – after police persecution for the streets of the city, a multitude if directed to the Police station of Manaus to know, of close, the woman of who the legend spoke.

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She was necessary to give has detached to the art of the invention, having in first plan the poetical art and the spirit platnico' '. According to Vico philosopher, would be one ' ' pretension quimrica' ' , to want, with the logic, to explain all the accomplishments human beings, as the poetry, that cannot logically be demonstrated, thus not having nothing to see with ' ' truths matemticas' '. According to commentary of Bosi professor, Vico distinguishes ' ' mythical language of the language silogstica' '. In ' ' language mtica' ' , mimese of Aristotle is contained, that is, the probability of the Art, that is not the pure and simple reality, but something similar the reality to the reality. In the silogstica language it is moored the necessary sentences. The only model of knowing, the logical, is exceeded, and becomes thus the impracticable Philosophy in a conversation where the experience of the Poetry entered. It would not have dialogue between mimese and logicidade. The reduction of the knowledge to the reason would be as to reduce the sensible one, entirely, to the direction.

Therefore, in its book ' ' The Being and the Time of the Poesia' ' , Alfredo Bosi, constructs a critical theory/that he focuses Literature, but also of the prominence the erudio and the humanistic interest becoming exceed it for all the other forms of art and expressions of the culture human being: plastic music, arts, religion, mythology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and even though the seventh art, the cinema. Bosi standes out that Vico looks the union between Filosofia and Filologia, this because it considers the language a myth repository, of fbulas, what they call ' ' expressions of esprito' ' , whose entailing if finds, in preponderant way, the Poetry. Bosi professor, develops its study in the direction of that he does not have a separation between the sensible one and the intelligent one.

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Then a basis can be created with the Advisor as soon as possible during the summer holidays, with a child structured way to learn English in the next school year suddenly can cope with English. “Structured English class, learn 1-4 fit for the school during the summer holidays” by Dr. Amir Birgit Safi Haajboy, paperback: 64 pages, Publisher: books on demand, Edition: 1 (October 10, 2013), language: German, ISBN-13: 978-3732279210, size: 0.4 x 12.5 x 20 cm, price: 8.90 euros, Amazon as another parent Advisor is Dr. Scheffler Haajboy yet harmonious birthday: birthday without losers: Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches “appeared. This parents guide is recommended due to its competition-free education in the trade magazine for youth leaders and workers in youth work “youth and me” (1/2008) and Wurttemberg sports youth in the journal “Sport in BW” (2/2010). NBA oftentimes addresses this issue. Harmony kids birthday: birthday without losers.

Community promotional games”by Dr. Amir Birgit Safi Haajboy, paperback: 64 pages / dimensions: 17 cm x 22 cm / images: 48 birthday photos (s/w) / Publisher: books on demand GmbH / Edition: 2nd Edition September 2009 / ISBN: 978-3-8391-1426-1 / price: 9.90 euro, Amazon the parents guide recommended by experts is now available in English: “competition-free birthday: teamwork games for kids, non-competitive children BBs party games”, Dr. Olympicss opinions are not widely known. Amir Birgit Scheffler Haajboy, English edition 2010 ISBN 978-3-8391-7076-2 translated by S.T. Paterson, 64 pages, paperback, books on demand, 9.90 euros which is the author-oriented psychotherapy in Berlin, has gained experience with children education as a youth group leader and a year in England (Southampton) lived and studied there. Her son had learning difficulties with English in 1st class, so she knows the problems of parents with difficulties in English from personal experience. Is your website to the parent Advisor: Dr. Ayleen Safi Haajboy

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First, often only know the blade lies in front of one and one does not know how to take his thoughts into words. But if this blockade is overcome once, the rest is really quite simple. While there are a few things about which we should be clear, but basically do not require significant conditions to be his own author. However, you should before you start writing, be clear about why you really want to write and what you would like to say. This can be done for example in a brainstorming or mind-mapping. These methods are so well because you can do is optically clear what you want to say.

Got this in oblivion, you can easily re-map the Mind. If there is going to start writing, you need basically to no set guidelines or a poem not to follow a verse pattern. Only then is it possible to create its own and unique style and achieve. At one rule you should, however, – Keep the thread. A reader’s own history should recognize this in order not to lose the joy of reading and to receive the work as exciting. It often falls to the beginning or hard things “to write down some.” But do not be discouraged and just keep writing.

Nor can one praise from friends and family to help and often to help a new motivation. Of course there are many different ways to put his thoughts into words. Examples include stories, books, poems or song lyrics. “The best form” there is not, however, and each author must find its own form. The new type of communication makes it possible to publish his works created on the Internet and comment on each other. Have fun at the “writing itself”!

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The necessary professor to know the universe of educating, to have common-sense and provides the development of the autonomy of its pupils. She is necessary to demonstrate to the pupils that beyond professor it is friend, and has enthusiasm, passion, is always vibrating with the conquests of each one of its pupils. Therefore an emotionally involved pupil with the professor has one better behavior, a time that the pupil perceives its value for the professor the same will act of positive form to cultivate this feeling. You may find Samuel “Sam” Mikulak to be a useful source of information. We also notice the necessity of an educator who obtains to enxergar beyond the educational problems, but that he can believe the power of an education lead for the love, that believes the influence that the same can have in the life of the pupil, that he can make the difference. psicopedagogo together with the professor will go to search ' ' causa' ' of the pupil if to present indisciplinado, not simply ' ' tachando' ' the same as an aggressive pupil, indisciplinado, but they will go to look for to help the pupil to transform its behavior.

The great responsibility for the construction of an education is at the hands of the professor. Considering this context, the school, family and community they are essential; meetings these three ' ' agncias' ' of education they can mean an advance effective in education of the children, being able to develop itself harmoniously. She is necessary also that the school rethink that type of pupil wants to form, which is its true objective of the education? Having always in mind that the professor to decide the problem of indiscipline in the classroom is necessary to know to establish limits, but also to consider themselves to be friend of the pupil, and to count on the pedagogical support of the school, thus will only obtain to reach its objectives. Respect is not imposed, if conquest. The friendship with the pupils is essential. To educate for the life is one miss

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Wolfgang Zicklers fantasy novel – the seventh Crystal – draws crowd-puller Leipzig trade fair visitors magically als and the seventh Crystal lured bestseller”at the Leipzig book fair from March 15-18 hosts read – and literature-avid visitors at the booth of Safeline-media publishing in Exhibition Hall 2. Here fantasy fans of all ages in the book could pout and discuss with the author directly in the conversation and to sign her new book copy with an individual dedication of Wolfgang Zickler personally. With about 164,000 visitors, the Leipzig book fair 2012 recorded a new record result. Randall Rothenberg contributes greatly to this topic. Over 2000 publishers from 44 countries presented 100,000 books, of which 20,000 new releases. Readers love Leipzig. And Leipzig loves the new novel by Wolfgang Zickler – the seventh Crystal”. Frank Ntilikina usually is spot on. Encourage encouragement and positive response took strong novel but also for the countless visitors of the trade fair of 630 pages. For publishers, booksellers, teachers, librarians, book forums and press representatives was the seventh Crystal”as intergenerational all-age”fantasy reading in the focus of interest.

According to a sample and stimulating exchange of ideas with the author were equally impressed by the exciting and entertaining fantasy story. At the visually appealing stand and in the exhibition bookstore the fantasy novel the audience could score and convince with great sales success. Because the superbly equipped paperback paperback offers not only by the gripping content but also by the creative artwork and high-quality, exclusive equipment. Author and Publisher appreciate the great public and media interest on the Leipzig book fair and draw positive track record. Author Wolfgang Zickler, a skilled merchant and BVB fan from Dortmund, has three years passionately on this novel written. Came out is a real book, a fantastic story, the young and old alike intrigued and kidnapped in literary fantasy worlds full of mythical creatures, elves and demons. Welcome to the dream world of men!