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Frome delineates the concept of love and affection. Love it unidirectional desire to possess someone, when you think you'll be happy with this man. And love – is a mutual co-existence 'shower'. Love can turn into love, but not necessarily. Infatuation is usually short term.

Love is a long term, and perhaps before the end of life. Using his theory, Frome predicted a large number of divorces among young couples entering into marriage to 20 years. After all, he knew that after about 20 years old man matures enough to understand the difference between feelings of love (temporary), and love. Statistics confirm this: more than half of marriages entered into prior to 20 years (At least one of brakosochetayuschihsya) end in divorce. Such a representation of love really explains a lot. Possible with a certain degree of probability to assert that it is Frome managed to create the most complete picture of love. Having considered these two concepts we can safely argue that we have achieved some success in understanding and love and friendship.

But looking at them, you may notice some similarities: empathy, a sense of community, mutual aid. In other words, the basis of love (community) present and friendship (both in single-sex and a bisexual). This observation helps to take another look at friendship. Namely, assume that friendship is a modified form of love. Friendship is bidirectional, as well as love; Participants feel the spiritual community of friendship, as in love. But there are differences. The most important thing is the lower attachment, that most absence is caused by sexual desire. Loving psychologically perceive sexual intercourse as an act of giving of yourself to another, claimed Frome. It turns out that the difference between love and friendship only in treatment, or is there more differences? Taking this there is a friendship between a man and a woman? If so, can it be suggest that men and women feeling attracted to each other, will not be attracted? Not every man and every woman can do it.