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a2haus is built just such special buildings, but this was a particularly difficult task. The level of the basement is located at walkway level. Here, the House is opened up. The garage body is pushed under the strongly projecting and heavily dominating the front view page structure of the upper floor front left. This enables residents with the automobile to retract and protected from the inside to enter the House, which is useful during bad weather.

Also purchases short way into the storage chamber arranged next to the kitchen can be spent here. Here in the entrance area is a Visual axis in the Valley and the area to the South and Valley side of the House. There are three great children’s rooms with private bathrooms and the parents bedroom suite upstairs. Sitting in the bath, you can enjoy the views in the distance, because the bathroom is located in the southernmost corner of the building. This angled corner was H. Pohle incidentally by the design author rounded off to the sharpness to the character of the inhabitants of not appropriate at all aggressive, blade-like shape of this component.

From this corner, the exactly opposite corners and on the same page above and below this corner were formed then by the way, also, what positive rounded off the basic character of the building”. Here, no citation of classical modernism should so be recorded, but enter only an optimization. By the way, the parents in bed can lying to enjoy your breakfast and also again to enjoy the nature. A terrace provide outdoor living quality bathroom and bedroom here Additionally literally high. Unspeakable circulation, in the north-facing plot to a certain line only storey to build, could here almost prevented the implementation of the space, the two roadside nursery would have only ever 8 sqm. A by a2haus for the customer created nifty 3-D presentation which to the Target had to represent that the oblique angle also Street seen a slender and narrow and thus not disturbing appearance gave the building from the lookout out – convinced the ultimate jury, however, to renounce what this body’s credit is (you could have well service according to the regulations) this edition in favour of architecture and of the residential value of the building. That was a very time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure a2haus for the contracting authority and the quality of the draft like free has taken and what was worth very, what. This building is topped by an attic studio with terrace. Here floating residents on specific days above – can unleash their thoughts, philosophizing, listening to music, drinking cocktails and enjoy, enjoy Addendum: the shell was just finished and the building owner had another idea: still a 4 m-long window on the West side of the stairs could be cut into the roof Studio? Here there also one additional attractive Outlook, if there is high? Felt right, correctly thought! For the reimbursement of expenses, this idea has been implemented flexibly. 6’>rodney atkins you will find additional information. It was worth it. So, a2haus often recorded a fruitful symbiosis of the thoughts and wishes of clients and their own professional work. From the summer of 2009 this absolute unique will be its initiators available and hopefully serve as a refuge of the physical and psychological well-being. More at Taunus MarkusL.Tauber Sales Manager a2haus Germany

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