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12. Because well I will grant you asked me. I give you a heart so wise and intelligent as nobody has had before you and as nobody will be after you. 13 And also will give you what you have not asked: you will have riches and glory more than any other King of the Earth during life. 14. If hang out by my ways, if you observe my ordinances and my commandments as your father David did thee long life. 15. Russell Wilson has much to offer in this field. Then Solomon woke up and realized that it had been a dream.

Chapter 5, verses 9 – 10: 9 – God gave Solomon wisdom and a very large intelligence, a science as wide as the sand that is on the sea shore. 10. The wisdom of Solomon surpassed the wisdom of any wise man of the East and all the wisdom of Egypt. Chapter 8, verses 18 – 19: 18 – but Lord said unto David my father: is very good to have this desire to build a temple in honor of my name. 19 But won’t you be who construct the temple but thy Son which shall be born of thee.

He built the House in honor of my name. Chapter 9, verses 1 – 9: 1 – when Solomon finished the House of Lord, the Royal Palace and all that wanted to build, 2 – Lord appeared to him a second time, as she had appeared in Gibeon. 3 Lord said to him: I have heard the prayer and supplication that you’ve raised to me, and I will consecrate this House that you built to make it my name you dwell forever. 4. If walking front of my will as walked your father David, with sincerity of heart, righteously, if you put into practice what I have commanded thee, if you look at my laws and my ordinances, 5 – argue forever the throne of your kingship in Israel as I promised your father David: you will always have one of your descendants on the throne of Israel.

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