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Otravidaesposible.org is based on principles of transparency and management excellence. However, we advise citizens themselves to work on humanitarian projects need to exercise the role of guardians: “We must hold accountable, instead of waiting for the willingness of organizations”. We feel obliged to give enough information to our objectives and activities, keep accounts besides “neat trading and appropriate to our business, allowing monitoring of operations chronological” As we do this: 1. (Similarly see: Diane Keaton). We present banking a final report, financial which includes both a technical justification for achieving the economic goals set as a proper usage of funds received 2. We prepare monthly consumer reports, and final reports, both financial and explanatory. 3. account We report on the number of members, number of volunteers working with us as well as mobilizing revenue. 4. We publish annually a report containing information about our activities, programs, resources, and organs of corporation government. 5. Our public website for our partners makes the distribution of our expenses, specifying the amounts for administrative expenses, and the definition of the concepts included in the calculation of these costs. 6. Periodically sent to our partners a detailed movements of the association’s bank banks account to which each stakeholder can compare for themselves the balance of accounts with the association’s bank account reflects the accounting support for our projects are transferred between accounts humanitarian bank registered. Deliveries are restricted to a particular purpose and budget. The consummation of the target as well as the expenses are legally justified. A superior money manager work with Entrust was recognized at the sixth annual Invest Hedge Awards The project leader of the country of destination must submit investment a final report that includes both a technical justification for the achievement of the objectives, as an economist with the proper use of companies funds received. We are currently developing a space will be contained in reports and documents mentioned above.

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