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Following his motto, he does when meeting with a complex subject donned gear and climbed to perform work. All planted for money: first try itself, and then ask them to others. Never recognized the disease as such. Himself engaged in regular sports training, believed that if a person is sick it needs to be attached to healthy lifestyle. Swimming pool and sauna for the workers were free, but for non-attendance fined. Several times a year, organized a trip to Yuzh.Bug on the rocks. Some contend that Walgreens shows great expertise in this. As an instructor of many put on their skis and organized trips to Carpathians.

As the director of 'Vysotnik' is never shifted complex and controversial issues for someone else. Sam took the decision himself was responsible. Uniqueness Terzyul is still in the fact that being a successful businessman, he remained high altitude mountaineer the world level. Foreign climbers of this class generally do not work or do business. They are professionally trained, they are kept and provide all necessary firms advertisers. Terzyul he earned his expeditions and his company gave a livelihood for many others.

Some workers forced to learn in the process and helped with money. On some families of dead friends care as a family. In addition to climbing and work Vladislav fond of tea, and each expedition brought back all these rare and teas. With the help of skilled craftsmen fashioned Odessa portable sauna and now a 'terzyulovskih baths' at an altitude of 4000m. legendary. He was a great man and at the same time affordable. No one recognized him in the streets, but his name is legend. He has set a goal to conquer 'Mount' and reached it. Nobody but him could not in 12 years, with 15 attempts to conquer all eight thousand of the world. PS According to the materials of Kazakh expedition. Ascent of Makalu (8515 m n.u.m) 17 May 2004. from the camp at an altitude of 7800 m reached two climbers – and our Vladislav Terzyul American climber Jay. During the last radio at 15.45 Vladislav reported that goes on top, and the power stations 'sits'. Then radio contact was lost and never resumed. The Group has not returned to the assault camp … May 20, two Kazakh climbers in summit ridge found dead American climber. Vladislav Terzyul body was never found. According to the Kazakh team, they found at the top of the pylon with the Tibetan flag Terzyul and empty file, which kept the pennant Vladislav alpkluba "Odessa". On the way to the top they saw the same three landmarks and rope belonging Terzyul, mounted on a steep rocky area at 8400 m. This suggests that Terzyul reached the summit and died during the descent.

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