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April 15 in Moscow for the first time an exhibition of "the best private schools for your child, organized by Begin group ". Private schools, in which interest is growing from year to year, however, remain relatively closed and incomprehensible to many potential customers. And one of the objectives of the exhibition – to give guests the opportunity to personally interact with the schools get all the information, and schools – to make contact with parents and children. How dashed those hopes, learned correspondent portal Vseved. Private schools began to appear in Russia a little more than a decade ago. Today in Moscow alone there are about two hundred, and all parents are increasingly looking not give a child to a school. Therefore, according to organizers, the need for a thematic exhibition is obvious. However, according to Anne Rybnikova, the head of department on work with educational organizations of the company Begin group", Schools initially reacted warily to the idea of a few.

Therefore, they are much smaller than it could be. But over time the number of participants should increase. – Maybe – Anne continues – we will hold such an exhibition twice a year – spring and fall. It's too early to say, we must first examine the results of this. Among the schools that participated in the specialized exhibition, were Lyceum "Capital", European High School, Lomonosov School, the School Co-operation "," heir ", a private school of the Institute of International Trade and Law, a gymnasium," Socrates, "a Russian boarding school in Malta," Malta Crown "and others.

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Do you remember your very first day at school? Familiarity with the first teacher, the bright autumn flowers and tears in the eyes of my mother And now it will be your child. Carefree childhood ends with the first bell in his life, which bring into his life the first duty and responsibility, real friends, the first triumph of the different assessments and frustration of school failures In preparation for the first of September, enough to wash the child from the summer sun and buy a bunch gladioli for the teacher. The list of things needed for school, it often takes more than one page: it's textbooks and stationery, and satchel. However, if the books and letters is recommended to buy after obtain teacher recommendations, the uniforms will need a child from the very first day – virtually all schools require compliance with certain requirements to what looks like a schoolboy. The question of where to buy uniforms, rises in August, almost before all the parents. Sometimes schools give parents coordinate children's clothing store with an indication of the recommended models, often parents bought fabric from which sewed form the recommended style, but most schools, the basic requirements for color and design forms, allowing parents themselves to seek suitable clothing.

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The educational dynamics was revolutionary for the time, but in contrast of what if it can think the rules they existed. In Brazil the Libertarian Pedagogia of the beginning of century XX, also known as Modern School was basic, contributing for the education, in special of the urban workers. During the decade of 1930 the established New School in modernistas and anarchical ideals appears, being led for some intellectuals who kept the desires of a universal education, gratuitous and laica. Today the representative greater of the Libertarian pedagogia in Brazil is Pablo Freire and its disciple Moacir Gadotti. Trends as: pedagogical progressive, liberating progressive or dialectic, libertarian, progressive progressive critical-social of the contents, load undeniable traces of the anarchic principles. Strengthening what he was described concerning the similarities between the current trends and the anarchical rules Garci’a (1989) it says; ' ' The progressive trends liberating and libertarian have, in common, the defense of the pedagogical self management and the anti-authoritarianism. The liberating school ties the education to the fight and organization of classroom of oprimido.' '. CONCLUSION the anarquismo seems to be a condition cream of the man since the beginning of the civilization.

It always had a freedom yearning, either of its Sir, either of the system of government oppresses that it of some form. The anarchic ideology was and is responsible for the natural resistance of the man to the governabilidade, either this represented by the State, for the economy, education, among others. For being seen as a clutter movement, today the anarquismo if coats with subtler forms and meets present in the majority of the social movements, estudantis organizations and in the educational trends. Today the education in Brazil walks for the said conceptions progressive, where if it finds fort presence of the anarchic ideals, represented mainly for Educators as Pablo Freire who permeiam the thought of great part of the professionals of the education and present alternatives for an educational development next to the release desire and approach of classrooms. REFERENCES GARCI’A MORIYN, F. Libertarian Education. So Paulo: Francisco Alves, 1989.

488p. WIKIPDIA. Anarquismo. Available in: . Access in: 20 jul. 2008.

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If you think that blogs are not for your business, then you should consider this very seriously. Many people simply don’t use the blog, because they see these as if they were daily website, and do not know that they are losing a lot of traffic, and hence no longer earn big money. Are you in this group? The blog is much more than simply web journals. They are actually a system of content management, whose system allows an easy publication in different formats, text, audio, video, etc. They also have the capability of having an RSS Feed that is like having a powerful traffic magnet. I have prepared this article to indicate these 7 reasons why every company must have a blog and an RSS feed. 1. The publication of a blog updated regularly helps you stay in touch with your existing audience and / or customer base.

You can publish updates, news, or thoughts on his blog, as well as answer questions. 2. A blog can help to attract new customers. The post on your blog (articles, thoughts, updates, etc.), will become the magnet for search engines in order to attract new customers. This will make visitors from seeing your blog as another qualified place where to return to search for information. 3 Blogs and RSS feeds are often in a higher range than traditional web sites search engines. To the search engines they love blogs and RSS feeds; If the design of your blog is adequate, then every time that update you the search engines they will be notified.

Even if you don’t regularly use ping, most search engines will return to review your blog more often. In addition a blog itself organising lends itself to tracking and good ranking in search engines.