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Forms of meditation, meditation forms have been developed to suit the lifestyle of modern man, can that do not place on silence and passivity, but that you find through physical movement and interaction with the outside world to himself. Swarmed by offers, Arizona Cardinals is currently assessing future choices. In a world of noise, speed and media overstimulation belong to the everyday life of most people, active meditation might also prepare a contemplative stage of meditation in their different orientations. Physical development helps to bring awareness in an appropriate State of readiness. The active meditation allows no introspection, but a psychophysical agreement with itself. During the active phase of meditation, disruptive energies are shaken off, danced away and breathed out. Silencing the voices of everyday life and body and mind be at peace with himself. Often, dance or sports are counted to the active meditations. Guided meditations for beginners often start with physical activity and end in one of the traditional resting positions. Widely found this combination as a dynamic meditation and Kundalini meditation through the teachings of the mystic Osho. However, active meditation is not a new concept among the traditional practices include Zen Buddhism, yoga, body and careful dealing with the outside world for many hundred years in meditation. Further information on the different types of meditation in the lexicon of meditation under

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