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New advertising service provider offers attention-grabbing brochures. For all independent Optometrists in Germany opens new possibilities in the brochure advertising. For several days the new marketing platform is online and the first optician put together already individually their prospectus, to actively manipulate their market. Have you ever wished that? Simply click complete glasses and glasses prices are determined, and the own strong sales brochure is complete select. The prospectus even in your companies colours will be printed on request. The portal active optiker.eu makes it now very easily, even for novice Internet users”promises the Managing Director marketing, Mike Schumacher, who developed the attention-grabbing brochures of the active optometrists Marketing GmbH with dedicated opticians. The active optometrists cooperate with X-ramvision GmbH, a glass producer, offered the advertised full glasses under its own brands and glasses of our own production.

While the opticians are free, the glasses X-ramvision to order or an other glass producers. To assemble individual advertising online and print was the desire of many X-ramvision customers. There, it seemed to create an uncomplicated way and to develop the site active optiker.eu. Brochures, posters, or mailings that can be ordered with just a few clicks design experienced advertising trade marketing for the active optometrists. Many informative statistics, clear archive and strong sales brochure ideas make the platform a strong promotional partners. The active optometrists offer a simple and inexpensive way for each optician actively to shape their market, significantly increasing the frequency of customer in the store, and generate more revenue. Area protection is a matter of course for our brochures,”explains Annette Marx, Managing Director of both companies, the advantages of the new advertising portal. The first brochure will be distributed from October 18 and is already an impressive launch pad, in the next few months certainly rise further is”, says Annette Marx. We are set on a large pad and associated demand. The fresh colours and the clear layout optician and end customers recognise the brochures of the active optometrists, which will appear every 6 weeks.” MIke Schumacher active optometrists Marketing GmbH

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