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Mata, Adrian and Muniain exchanged positions continuously but to Spain it was hard starting. Thiago appeared once, also Ander Herrera. Mata came later to star in the best chance: a header point blank to center of Muniain Gutor stopped on the line. The band left was the best in attack. Muniain broke repeatedly Veretilo and Didac, as in it has been usual in this tournament, returned to shine, this time also with a distant shot that was close to the crosshead. And Adrian, who then redeemed and how, was clumsy to wasting two counter-attacks that could have been dangerous. Nevertheless, Spain was growing in the party. But when you achuchaba most when closer seemed the goal, came the blow.

Belarus had only approached the area in a good Hospital of Skavysh, whose pass back did not finish Nekhaychik. It was 10 min. His next approach to the area was goal. A throw-in in length of Perepechko, Sivakov combed, with Dominguez up, Voronkov topped on his back and fell down next to the post. A prize exaggerated to Belarus.

For the first time in the tournament, Spain had to go back and demonstrate his character. And he did it. Four clear occasions in the first quarter of an hour of the resumption. Kills two, including a shot to the stick. And two of Adrian, who missed a glaring one against one. Some mile solution opted to open the field looking for more depth. Capel by Ander Herrera and Jeffren by Muniain. But Spain did not improve, rather was worse. And Kondratyev responded by throwing the team even further back. Belarus refused. Your dnsa had shown until now as one of the weakest in the tournament, but today exhibited unexpected strength. And when not, there was Gutor. Spain was still trying. Thiago is not hid. But the team disturbing with the rush.

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