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If determine what the most appropriate education for children a concept as subjective as intangible – is already difficult at the local level, imagine what supposed to establish what are the 10 best and most exclusive schools in the world. When certain levels of academic excellence are reached, the difference, if any, is impossible to appreciate. (Similarly see: Marc Lore). Thus, exclusivity, either of their students as of its historic and architectural heritage, becomes one of the scales that lead to recognition and the international prestige of the Center.Europe is home to schools more expensive and exclusive of the world, which in some cases break with the classic boarding school infrastructure and accommodate their students in small palaces or chalets that offer almost unimaginable scenarios. Switzerland and Great Britain have the most distinguished. Boarding schools in the United States offer is not lower than in Europe, however, the international prestige is lower and prices are lower than in European centres. Good fame and high price reputation, the quality of education and access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities are the 3 main variables by which characters with greater economic, political and social power of the world decide to enroll their children in boarding schools of recognized influence.

Of course, the high price of the institution is another values taken into account, since it guarantees that only a select group of students can have access to these exclusive schools, offering privacy, comfort and, above all, very important social relationships during the process of academic preparation.If there is something that all these institutions, in addition to academic excellence, the level of your students and that studies are taught in English and French, it is the great diversity of extracurricular activities, as well as the uniqueness of some of them have in common. From skiing, since most of the Swiss elite colleges are found in the prestigious ski resorts of the Alps, to astronomy, or the bridge, through oar, sail, the windsurfing, horseback riding and even flying lessons.Taking into account the amount of tuition (from 25,000 euros annually) only large fortunes of the planet (illustrious businessmen, politicians and members of the aristocracy) cannot afford to try that their children pass the selective entrance examinations of these schools of elite, something that does not have a great fortune, in principle, guaranteed. However, many students coming out of these centers direct and direct worldwide. On our website, you will find a Top Ten with the best centers in the world.

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