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The fate of the product is directly subordinated to the most powerful driving force of the market – consumer preferences. Nothing will save the product if it is to consumers him indifferent to (if indeed we are not talking about matches or salt). More than half of new developments fall through, not finding the desired response in the consumer environment. On the contrary, it is absolutely crazy ideas sometimes are universal recognition. To deepen your understanding Frank Ntilikina is the source. This is the effect of consumer power in the market life of products. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harold Ford Jr has to say. But suppose that the consumer was supportive of the product and bought it. For most sellers in this transaction is completed, and this is a major omission of the business. Consumption starts after the purchase of goods and ends before the purchase of another, substitute the old one.

The details of this process must be very careful to understand, because they are hidden many of the reasons Loyalty to the seller and the commitment of the brand. In essence, the life cycle of consumption goods purchased his 'private life'. And this life is also composed of a series of consecutive stages, a variety which is incomparably more than in the 'shop-warehouse' life goods. Two stages of life marked a clear milestone goods are divided – the moment of sale. Before the sale of the main interest was the rapid release of the seller shelves and warehouses (by the way, the speed this process and is determined by the shape of the product life cycle). After the sale of the goods determines the length of life of its ability to meet the needs for which it was purchased.

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In the same way that the advance of technology is improving every day the tools with which we can transform raw materials, works his administration with the tools for quality. Consider the following table: 1920 Property Inspection Period was characterized by the detection and resolution of problems stemming from lack of uniformity. 1930 Statistical Process Control Focused on process control and the development of statistical methods for the same purpose and reduced levels of inspection. 1950 Quality Assurance: There is a need to involve the departments of the organization in the design, installation and implementation of quality policies. Learn more at: Marc Lore. 1990 Strategic Management focus is made on the market and consumer needs, recognizing the strategic effect of quality as a competitive advantage.

Process Reengineering The technological and administrative systems proposes a radical improvement, start again, change the whole organization. 2000 e Rearquitectura quality Company aims to develop the intellectual capital of the company, “reengineering is the mentality of managers and break market structures in order to find new ways to reach the customer. There reason to believe that this will not continue to change, right? But it is not a reason for concern, in all cases there is a common denominator is the search for “improving” it is paradoxical, but “improvement” means change and in turn is the only thing that remains constant. Others who may share this opinion include Ashton Kouzbari. Change is a process and is fundamentally cultural, only organizations with systems for improving quality preparations can survive the changing needs of the markets.

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Want to improve your way of speaking English but are not sure how to get it. We've all been through it and now it choose the best option. Many friends have advised you that the best option is English language courses abroad, but you wonder if it really would be best. The answer will depend mostly on your current circumstances and your means. The most important thing is your current level. A beginner or a person with elementary level you choose to study English abroad will certainly not get the same performance of your stay. The main advantage of the courses of English abroad is the possibility that they can use not only in English class, but outside in the real world. The problem with having a very low level (beginner or elementary) is that you will not find out virtually nothing and lose the opportunity to make rapid progress.

But if your level is higher, intermediate, for example, or more. yes you can make good use of the favorable options that will offer your English studies abroad. By the same author: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. – Go out and do your shopping in English, talk to people in the pub … do everything that makes an Anglo-speaking in their natural environment. However, many intermediate or advanced level choose not to sign up for English courses abroad, thinking that they can not afford. They do not realize that there may be options in certain countries to find some work to help meet costs. Course will work within the service sector, with relatively low salaries, but we must bear in mind that you will improve your English, not to make money. If you really want to sign up to one of the many English courses abroad available all over the world will not forget to visit the website, where you will find an important range of possibilities.

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Today, a good placement for success Webmaster is very important. Unfortunately, on the optimization of web projects often placed little value, which presents itself in poor positioning of many projects. A successful search engine optimization can help many owners of Internet-projects without having to pay much money. The problem is many Webstores and content pages, that those are not performed in the search engines for inappropriate optimization on the sides and thus are ranked poorly. A good SEO advice is therefore required and the webmaster of a website not only brings better placement in the ranking, but also significantly more visits to the site, to more customers and sales. This value can pay the SEO consultants regularly unfortunately prohibitive, why do most sites operators optimizations their homepage itself, but mostly unsuccessful. At Doug McMillon you will find additional information. SEO meets a Web surfer in his research on the net more often.

However, the scope of the SEO to a user rarely obvious. Search Engine Optimization methods to enhance operating results entered in the search engine queries. Follow others, such as Marc Lore, and add to your knowledge base. Furthermore, we understand the term Search Engine Optimization SEO field of counseling. This is the field of work of various companies, websites to optimize for search engines and to have a better networking sites using links from other sites on the World Wide Web. The optimization of websites for many companies is important because of the sort methods by which the network is scanned for the desired query from the Search Results, need to be changed again and again to fight spam and reflect only relevant to Search Results. Especially for visually lavish international appearances, working for the great part with Flash, it is impossible for search engines to scan content and useful in sorting the Search Results, or even to be considered.

To make this possible, should be used in the site automatically redirects by web programmers, since during the Find no published content in Flash files are visible. Such measures and content of the SEO consulting can therefore both for the search engines, as well as for his owner of a website important and very helpful as possible to maximize their online experience. The sums required are different in size. Thus, there are several suppliers offering thousands of euros estimate for improvements to the customer without any form of guarantee to be granted. The risk is here, the customer. If the goal of optimization is not reached, the customer has no claim to its already paid contributions. It is therefore important to choose for a successful search engine optimization, a good and professional supplier, hence the success comes faster. Often helps to examine the credentials of the provider to get an idea of the work of an agency.

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To double your sales, you have to focus all your time in productive activities to help you make more money. NBA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Unfortunately, most vendors are reluctant to pay the price of success. And the main reason they are not achieving their goals is because they spend much time on activities that are not productive and only makes waste time. In this article, I show you a specific idea, which will help you make the most of your most valuable resource is your time, so you can increase your sales and make more money. The first idea is the theory of the minutes. One of my mentors is the famous American business consultant Brian Tracy. In a seminar I attended with Brian Tracy taught us the theory of the minutes.

Brian Tracy According to this theory is based on a simple mathematical equation, which reads: "Twice the amount of time you spend talking with potential customers and you can double your sales" This is true, because 100% of all sales you make are being generated by the amount time you are face to face, face to face talking to potential prospects that can buy your product or service. So if you're interested in doubling your sales, you have to double the number of minutes you spend selling, when you're face to face, face to face talking to potential prospects that can buy your product or service. I repeat, the main reason that sellers are not achieving their sales goals is because they spend much time on activities that are not productive and only makes waste time. So, in conclusion, simply double the amount of time you invest in prospecting, double the amount of time you spend to get quotes or double the number of submissions every day, and with that you can double your income. In other words: Increases the number of hours actually worked and you can increase your sales. Clearly! Increased number of hours worked, the greater your income. In the next article I give you more ideas to increase your productivity. Goals, strategy, action! Hector Gonzalez lecturer, author and coach

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As a complement Multiludica about the article presented on the Multiludica I'd like to share with the people concerned about two newspaper interviews. The first was published in the newspaper "El Correo" (09/04/1906) and the second in the official newspaper "El Peruano" (01/08/2006). Both of Lima, Peru. There are explicit some additional details about the method of learning the multiplication tables. Others including NBA, offer their opinions as well. We are convinced that Multiludica is more than just a method of learning the multiplication tables.

If you look carefully, this method is implicit in some features that may pose a different way to take education. The features identified such as: be like a game (leisure activity), seek above all the continued reasoning in children, a mental (not used pen and paper in their learning), the raising among children and a constant challenge challenge. All this poses a way somehow new take on the task of teaching. We are about to start a pilot in one of the most populous districts of Lima (La Victoria), then there is the possibility of organizing a massive plan of instruction in the same district. A related site: David Delrahim mentions similar findings. After long fight against the indifference of many people linked to the educational work we are at door step in the diffusion of this simple and useful work. I hope we can contribute very humbly with the immense task that is needed to make progress in education in our countries. Then the two media interviews to which I referred: introducing new methods for learning mathematics:: With Multiludica created by Cesar Botetano, to dominate the table under 20.

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A new directory, with the addition of members from different regional areas of endeavor, took over on October 16 leading the Private Development Corporation of Aysen (Codesa), performed after the week before the Ordinary General Meeting of Members. One of the main short-term actions of the new administration, while continuing to work in cultural initiatives, local economic development, citizen participation and environmental protection Patagonian, will update the statutes, considering the new challenges of the Region of Aysen and emergence of new technologies, the latter to make more fluid and participative management and internal operation. “Since it represents the Private Development Corporation of Aysen in the late 80s, has always been the major challenges and processes that have been carried out in the region and in the Chilean Patagonia. And the imprint of its various directories has contribution to the collective and comprehensive discussion of diverse issues, “said new President, Patricio Segura Ortiz. To broaden your perception, visit Doug McMillon. In this sense thanked all those who have been involved at some point with the work of Codesa, from the founders until the last 20 years who have fulfilled various roles in senior management or project implementation. Also make the new directive Luis Moraga as vice president, treasurer Bourlon Fabien, Claudia Torres as secretary and incumbent directors Alejandro del Pino, Miriam Chible and Charles Samson. Florence took over as deputy director Labarca, Veronica Venegas, Alexandra Yannakos, Flor Quiroz and Lorena Santibanez.

The team includes professionals, technicians and citizens who work in areas as diverse as forestry research, tourism, bioclimatic architecture, culture, social action and communication, and local economic development. Codesa Projects Private Corporation for the Development of Aysen has led and participated in various projects in the region, including Taste of Aysen Guide School in Patagonia, the Public-Private Consortium of Scientific Tourism Center, the Memorial Cineraria “Hans Steffen and seminars” for Chile and learn Aysen … of energy. “Today, among other initiatives, works with other organizations such as the proposed Codeff a development model for Aysen as a store of life, with the support of the Avina Foundation, an international body that promotes local leadership towards sustainable development in Latin America.

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SUPPORT FROM GERMANY TO THE LANGUAGE GUARANi (VI) … Before the MEC's intention to reduce and exclude the Guarani of secondary education at the date, November 25, 2009, we received in the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE solidarity Prof. GUARANI Dr. Christian Pommerenke, Professor of Mathematics at the Technical University Berlin, Germany, who also says no to exclusion and reduction in high school Guarani of Paraguay. Then your message: Dear friends: Some years ago I learned the guarani here in Berlin with two excellent teachers Paraguayans. Guarani is a beautiful language that I like, although I do not like jopara. In addition, the Guarani indigenous language is the only spoken by descendants of Europeans. A TERRIBLE DISASTER WOULD BE NICE IF THIS abolish or limit LANGUAGE EDUCATION IN MEDIA OF PARAGUAY.

Unfortunately I know of no institution in Paraguay. I tell you something you might not know. Like most indigenous languages of the Americas, part of the extensive Guarani agglutinative language family. The Turkish language is also a binder and it is precisely because I'm learning Guarani now Turkish. In Turkey and Central Asia, 150 million people speak Turkic languages.

Over a hundred thousand Turks live here in my city in Germany. Although the vocabularies of Guarani and Turkey are completely different, there are interesting grammatical and phonetic similarities. Some examples: In Guarani ".. pa …?" In Turkish is ".. my …?" The Guarani have a way of the future uncertain, the "ne", Turkish UTF-8? Has an uncertain way of the past, "mia" (as are the languages Chibcha of Colombia). The Turk has a very strong vowel harmony that corresponds to the change from "mbo .." in "mo .." etc in Guarani. The procunciacion UTF-8? From "and" is similar to "a " (i without dot) Turkish. If you have read about Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So I know the Guarani helps a little to learn Turkish! I wrote this to say that Guarani is not a relic of the past but a small part of a family world language. I wish them success in their struggle. Pommerenke Dr.Christian Professor of Mathematics Technical University Berlin, Germany ooo000ooo Incredibly MEC unconstitutional and anti-pedagogical way, will increase in 2010 privileges Castilian (keeping it in the three years of secondary education and increasing his workload), and discriminate Guarani (by excluding the third year and reducing its presence only the first and second courses, and with less load time that Castilian) If you want to support and defend our Avane' in this difficult, degrading and sad situation against him for starring MEC; SEND YOUR MESSAGE OF SOLIDARITY to Maitei horyveva opavavepe. David Galeano Olivera

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Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane covering the outer layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. This area of your pet’s eye is particularly vulnerable to irritants and allergens that can cause inflammation, and viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause infection. It’s believed that CEO of e-commerce sees a great future in this idea. Conjunctivitis is generally recognized by redness and inflammation that cause. Your pet may also have weeping eyes or yellowish discharge that is often indicative of an infection, and the discharge can even make your pet’s eyelids stick together. It can also be painful and you may notice your pet scratching his eye on various surfaces such as the sofa or carpet.

Conjunctivitis is the most common eye problem in pets, and if treated properly, usually heals without any complications. However, if left untreated or in serious cases, the conjunctivitis infection can spread to other structures in the eye and cause serious eye damage. Conjunctivitis may also be indicative of other underlying conditions such as feline immunodeficiency virus in cats or dogs canine disease. What causes conjunctivitis? There are a number of things that can cause conjunctivitis. a hese include: * Chemical irritants such as household cleaners, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that enter the eye. * Irritants or mechanical injury.

Any trauma or injury to the eye can cause conjunctivitis such as sand that has entered the eye, or a cat scratch. * Fungal infections, viral and bacterial infections can be the cause. * Diseases affecting the immune system of your pet as feline immunodeficiency virus or canine disease. Diagnosis of conjunctivitis in many cases, your veterinarian may diagnose conjunctivitis based on an eye exam for your pet and looking at the type of discharge occurred. Your veterinarian can also perform some tests to determine the cause of conjunctivitis. This may include conjunctival sponge to help determine if the infection was caused by a virus or bacteria, and fluorescein staining to help determine if there are any corneal ulceration. In addition, your veterinarian can work with other tests if the immune deficiency is the suspected cause or if your pet has any other symptoms. Help conjunctivitis conjunctivitis treatment usually includes ointment or drops in the eye, but the treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause. Your veterinarian may prescribe aspirin, corticosteroids, or anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, a course of topical or oral antibiotics may be recommended. Many veterinarians immediately prescribe antibiotics for conjunctivitis and it comes with the risk of diminishing the immune system of your pet resulting in recurrent infections. Using without worrying about harmful side effects. Herbs such as Burdock and Rosemary have become well known for its benefits to eye health. The Burdock has characteristics of eye cleaning, detoxification and enhance the immune system and is very beneficial to try. Rosemary is also very beneficial for pets with conjunctivitis because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help relieve pain and discomfort of the eye. Chelidonium majus and meadow sweet are two herbal ingredients that can be used externally to promote healing of the infected eye and to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

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Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William will take classes with the prestigious Mario Testino. The beautiful Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William of England which is assiduously persecuted by the flashes of the paparazzi, start taking classes on the renowned photographer Mario Testino, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. ” According to that newspaper, the Peruvian-born photographer has already had a meeting with the girl, who last October quit his job at British fashion chain “Jigsaw” to engage in which he describes as his greatest passion. Middleton suffers from a year ago a great harassment by the paparazzi following speculation about a possible announcement of engagement to Prince William. However, this has not been prejudicial to their interest in making career in photography. Apparently Testino has already accepted that she work with him in his studies of New York for next March. Was Testino who took the famous Lady Di at Kensington Palace (London) that were published before his death in Vogue. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Lore.

” But not just Diana Testino elected within the circle of the British Royal Family, also took snapshots of Prince Charles and his two sons, William and Henry, which were then used as Christmas cards. See Doug McMillon for more details and insights. Mario Testino was born in Lima (Peru) and in 1976 decided to move to London (Great Britain). At first, selling portfolios of aspiring models to survive. For the sum of 25 included the, makeup and hair. His humble beginnings are far from their current success: her work is recognized internationally and his bold fashion photographs make their products and campaigns to achieve massive and immediate effect on the public.

To achieve something big enough to start. Whether for artistic or pursuing a simple but valuable memory, anyone can become a hunter of images. To begin with just one. You find useful information about photography in the portal. There, you’ll find tips for taking great pictures like you’re a professional, and tips for choosing the best deals.