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Until the moment little it was implanted in this area. (GIODA, 2010, 1) 2,2 Presentation of the project to the community the presentation of the project was given in the only School of Basic Education of the community. Some lectures, workshops and dynamic of groups with the pupils of 5 had been carried through 8 series, with the objective to sensetize them on the ambient questions and to invite to participate them it of the project. Although all the twenty educators of the School had been invited, only two if had made gifts the accomplishment of these activities in the School if it made important as half to assure the quality of the monitoring in health to be exerted by the community, represented here for the pupils, to the measure that, through the informative colloquy and of the educative workshops, if allowed to the accurate understanding of the local problems for all the participants. To the professionals of the health this action came to fortify the understanding of that the practical ones of promotion of the health are: prevention of risks or damages, protection of the health and promotion of the values of the life, searching well-being and the quality of life. (BRAZIL, 2001, 32) In this search for well-being and the quality of life they find one locus privileged the ambient questions. From there the importance to foment the participation popular and to enable members of the community, mainly young, so that they can help in the practical ones of awareness of the population through its active participation in the life of the proper territory., mainly in the field of the ambient monitoring. In other words, one intends that these young comes to be the protagonists of condicionantes actions that provide to the knowledge and the detention of any change in the determinative negative factors and of the environment that in general intervenes with the health human being and the life. Olympics recognizes the significance of this.

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