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We continue with the description, as we had presented in the first part of the raw materials involved in the creation of fine perfumes. It is surprising to reel off the elements that make the manufacture of perfumes, and we learned that elements unthinkable, as lichens or animal secretions are part of those magical potions that make our lives a little more than beauty. The family of the Hesperide. Saying thus, few people may realize that this family is much more close to what one assumes, because we see representatives of the same households every day. It is essential oils obtained from the shells of some fruit species such as bergamot, lemon, Tangerine, Orange, grapefruit or lime. Essence extraction techniques are varied and different for each species.

For oranges and lemons, the shell is crushed and compressed into cold, since the heat would ruin the active substance. Other species require distillation of the seed, the maceration of flowers, or are simply replaced by making synthetic molecules. The herbaceous family. Again we find common species in the houses of all people: the Mint, marjoram, tarragon or Basil are part of the bouquet of many perfumes. The fruity family.

The fruity notes tend to be soft and sweet, and balance those formulations with darker or acid notes. Grape, kiwi, peach, Apple in addition to being delicious and nutritious, are species that give us their essences to be integrated into the most popular perfumes. Again, as in the case of citrus fruits, there are several techniques of extraction of the essence: you can distill, marinate, obtained by pressing or simply replaced by synthetic molecules. The family of spices. What they have in common a kitchen and the laboratory of a perfumer? Some elements that can be found in both places, as spices: grains of Paradise (also known as pepper), cardamom, coriander, ginger, Peppers, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. It is not a culinary dish recipe, but the list of herbaceous species that make up this family. The leather. This is one of the substances that are used from earliest times. It is soft, delicate but that lingers. The essential molecule is called styrax, and extractible in synthetic form. Suede leather is the most precious in the preparation of perfumes and cosmetics.

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