Learning to walk easily in 6 weeks: 20.6 28.7.11 running is fun! Don’t even try it out! The START of running race course of the RUNNING company to Bianca Meyer, is dedicated to all those who want to start under professional guidance, and without a stitch in the life of the runner. Ecommerce shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The course runs for several years and enjoys more and more interest. “Running is in” how with hardly any other sport species can you do so just so much good for health and fitness! The next course will start on Monday, June 20, and is aimed at all who can run yet not ten minutes at a time. As he appeals to long-standing opportunity runners who Pieke running again from the to want to learn. In two training sessions per week (on Mondays and Thursdays from 19 to 20:15), the participants be made run fit of the professional coach at the ISAR.

In addition to endurance sessions on the program are running technique, coordination training and stretching. After six weeks the participants will be released then”. Many then go in the year-round group workout of RUNNING company, the three times is offered per week or continue to run alone. And the steam is not more already after a few metres out, but only after some kilometers! “Because the aim of the course is to enable convenient half an hour at a time to run without a break, without a stitch .und convinced running is fun!” More information about the run course START are running on the homepage of the RUNNING company: beginners Laufkurs.html.

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