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After a normal birth, new born it is given to its parents since the physical contact establishes the first bonds. From that precise moment and if it wishes it to the mother, the lactancia already can begin, but the baby will approximately demand his food to the 4 hours after his birth. In the hospital, the parents will clean up the baby will dress, it they will feed, it and be very kind to its movements and the sounds that he emits. After 24h the clamp takes off that holds the umbilical cord and it is recommended to give I touch in the trunnion with an alcoholic solution with the aim of favoring the healing and avoiding possible infections. The trunnion will fall by itself in a pair of weeks and even before. Also cutaneous eruptions by the body will be observed that usually appear due to the rubbing of the first clothes. This is not any problem and it does not need treatment some. They will disappear in case single, although many mothers think that if applies talc, soaps with perfume or specific lotions the eruptions will improve.

This is not thus, still worse because they tend to bring about more eruption. The first urine will come loaded from uratos reason why very it will be concentrated and in some cases it leaves the storeroom of a pink color. If the baby urine during first 24h does not have to consult itself the sooner to the doctor (the children usually take more than the children). Also, also he will defecate in first 24h, being the deposition of almost black a dark greenish color. It will be a species of sticky substance that, sometimes, he prevents to evacuate to the baby and he generates a cork to him that must be dealt with enemas smooth. After days in word1, the skin descama and is dried in the ankles and the zone of the wrists.

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