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As mentioned, parts are very expensive and if something goes really wrong in an engine compartment, which could damage the boat to sink. Therefore, we must be extremely careful. Never put too much pressure on the collectors. Although it seems really solid may not be as strong as they look. If you were to break one of them the ship could asumiragua and sink. And that will create a big problem. Speaking candidly Comedian told us the story. So, once more cautiously, and be extremely careful and sensitive to the engine area is essential. Remember that you are drinking water in the bilge must be out with the shop vac as cleaning to ensure they do not get above the level of flotation and start pouring.

Be very careful when doing this or fines can be strong in this case. Once you have drained the water from the bilge area, take a terry towel you’ve had unpleasant sitting around not want to take over again, its most repugnant of towels, use that to clean the areas that were extremely thick with grease and / or oil. Use this towel to dry and remove also just below the motor areas since sometimes be a bit of residual moisture. Continue to use a water based only, never a solvent based dressing, to condition and renew some of the rubber underneath the engine area, some of the hoses, parts black, the black areas. Once again, never, never use a solvent base as this is a flammable, if you start a fire boat, it can cause serious injury or possible death to passengers of the ship or the ship can sink if a fire engine is carried out in a boat. So never, never wear anything with a base solvent such as a bandage on an engine compartment. If using a garden hose be careful of the gallon per minute rate at which water leaves the hose. One of our competitors in Washington at Carillon Point Harbor almost sank a 29-foot Sea Ray. He left the water running while cleaning the cabin and dashboard. All dead batteries fired electrical system.

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