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Catalina Hoffman, CEO of Vitali, also provides his point of view regarding good nutrition as disease prevention, today we know that like that in other ages, a good nutrition is the basis of the quality of life. Helps to prevent disease, to control and endentecer the progression of existing ones, prevent cognitive deterioration and decrease the loss of muscle mass that leads to fragility, explains Catalina Hoffmann. Finally, Dr. Susana Monereo, head of Endocrinology of the University Hospital of Getafe on Madrid and external adviser of the company in the composition of menus, explains the suitability of these menus: this diet is adequate to the characteristics and the patient’s nutritional needs that fits their illnesses to their chewing and swallowing problems, he is welcome in presence and taste, it is safe since it prevents spines, ossicles, shells which can induce the choking as well as providing proteins, fibres, vitamins, Omega 3 or iron, Monereo said. DietGourmet is a novel concept of restoration at home that has triumphed in other countries of the world. DietGourmet dishes are made with fresh food, without colorants and preservatives, with Virgin olive oil and natural seasonings typical of the Mediterranean diet. So you Plan healthy food that offers this company it is ideal for those people that want to lose or control their weight, maintain a healthy diet and balanced or have little time to cook and like to eat well, as healthy and at home. For more information: 44 409 91 Jjcomunicaccion 94 Bono’s speech at Harvard University (2001) U2 U2fanlife: U2 discography, U2 concerts, U2 music, U2 lyrics, albums story of U2 acute appendicitis, Sonograma Ultrasound appendicitis Leftpain.com Pain Guide, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments two diets to increase muscle mass Get Ripped Six Pack Abs Fast Six Pack Ab Workouts how to win Muscle mass quickly bodybuilding Natural of Vince DelMonte gain muscle mass How To Get Six Pack Abs good health 213 Good health magazine. .

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