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For these purposes passivating primer (primer GF-0119), containing in its composition chromate pigments retard the corrosion of metals. Similarly, serves the purposes and application of Phosphating (primer IL-02) and tread primers. The latter contain in its structure a large number (up to 90% of fine metal powders, usually zinc. In this case, the powder in electrolyte solution is destroyed itself, since it has a lower electrode potential, protecting the colored material. Relatively recent widespread inhibited primer.

Introduction inhibitors corrosion can not only improve the protective properties of the primers, but also to create a new kind of paints – primer enamels, combining advantages of both primers and enamels. One of the leaders in the development of formulations and inhibited the production of primers and priming enamels is near Moscow company oao niilkp 'with Pilot Plant "Victoria", which issued stamps primer EP-0199, EP-0180, Gremirust, Cornick. Primer, applied on concrete. Concrete structures under real operating conditions are destroyed by the action of oxygen contained in the atmosphere, water, carbon dioxide. This results in the formation of soluble salts, their washout, education gypsum, which expands and breaks the concrete surface. Therefore the main task of protective coatings – primarily to isolate the concrete base of the external environment. But it is necessary to preserve the porous structure of concrete, to maintain sufficient water vapor permeability.

The most well these requirements are satisfied by the qualitative characteristics of epoxy primer. Especially become important primer for repair of old, partially damaged concrete surfaces. David Delrahim has compatible beliefs. In this case, the use of reinforcing primers or primers specific insight into the combination with the filler compositions. Primers, applied to the tree. Paint on wood perform two functions: to protect the wood from rotting and gives the product a decorative appearance. In some cases, these coatings reduce the flammability of wood, increase its resistance to aggressive environments, improve the operating properties, etc. are used as the first layer of primer to fill the pores on the surface of the substrate, not to get involved in them during the drying and easily sanded.

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In the 4th century, while on the European continent continues the dismemberment of the Roman Empire through the struggles with the barbarians; America in bloom Aboriginal cultures, namely: in the center of Mexico, Teotihuacan and the Toltecs; in Yucatan, the maya; in Central America, the quiche. From the 11th century, era of consolidation of feudalism in the greater part of Europe, with the exception of Spain, absorbed by their wars against the Moors, the incas, on the basis of previous cultures, are expanded through the current territories of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, northern Chile and Argentina. The Aztecs in the 13th century, reach a hegemonic position within Mexico dominate neighbouring Aboriginal people. Additional information at CEO of e-commerce supports this article. In the 15th century the Aztecs dominate the Valley of Mexico; in power was Montezuma; the Mayans were in full decline; the incas are found in the time of flowering of the Empire. Archaeologists and paleontologists are in agreement that the Amerindians they came from elsewhere and settled in the Americas. Get all the facts and insights with David Delrahim, another great source of information. Do not exist in America vestiges of primitive human beings where the indigenous population had been able to proceed, and therefore assumes that the first settlers moved from Asia to America, probably by the Bering Strait. This immigration began apparently, finished the glacial periods.

Immigrants belonged undoubtedly to the Mongolian ethnic group, and therefore, the primitive Indians of America would be related with the Chinese. The immigrants occupied North America, then the Centre and finally South. They were hunters and in his nomadic existence ranged from a few counties to others in search of edible plants and hunting. It ignores how or when started to cultivate maize, the only cereal that knew. The emergence of agriculture brought an end to nomadism and cemented social structures more sophisticated, beginning to emphasize cultural manifestations. The Aztecs: in Mexico not has been able to discover your most ancient culture, but has been able to delimit a very primitive period which has received the name of archaic period.

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A positive and not negative, kuenzler force and overwhelming not in force, in fullness, in harmony, ease, in concordance, in height, in madness, in majority, in Assembly, light and shade in Tempest. I’m talking about cosas mias, of situations experienced by some friends and poetry. Although I would like to tell you about Nice. This is a sad puppy that is tied with a string. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I would like to adopt it and give you all my love, a love which, without a doubt, there do not receive. Imagine it Brown and very good and obedient, also I think that you are very tired of living that way and I would like to be able to run through the fields and that they concept by different cities for to do tourism. Without hesitation I think that is going wrong.

That House is not appropriate, although I have seen them worse. I I wish a larger House with heating for this puppy, and that night that he had no fear falls asleep in the room of his master, who would not mind me being me. The step is prohibited, but I wonder, who will want to go through that door? I, no. I would only take me this Conmigo, although my floor will remain perhaps a little small, after all is a large dog and needs space, but above all, think you need love and freedom. Click David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA for additional related pages. Being attached, if they attack you could not defend well, they would damage, it would not run too far. I would like to pass through the iron gates and reaching the hearts of those who have these dogs tied day and night. I would call pretty. My lovely is a wonder, is a dog that would appreciate a hand that take that string and go up to a car to give a walk around the town.

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Funeral services and local authorities benefit from developments of Hamburg, August 31, 2011 – this year the local loading instead of industry, according to an expert study by Bestattungen.de can expect a sales growth of over 150 million euros. To increase the number of annual deaths since 2006, on the other hand, municipalities and undertaker have increased prices an average of two percent. Members will spend 2011 EUR 5.30 billion for burials to 5.15 billion in 2010. For 2011, Bestattungen.de expects 869,000 deaths and that 10,000 more than even 2010. This continues the trend of recent years: since 2007, the deaths in Germany the average annually get 9.400. until 2006 the increasing life expectancy through improved medical care has more than offset the greying of the Germans. Since the increasing ageing results in more deaths”, Bestattungen.de’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf explains.

It can be assumed that there will be a further increase in the deaths. The nationwide statistics can already recognize such a development”, says Fabian Lenzen, spokesman of the undertaker Guild of Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. Additional information is available at Sam Mikulak. The undertaker will benefit from additional deaths. A funeral costs an average of approximately 6.100,-euros, so 100 euros more than last year. Only the additional deaths lead to over EUR 60 million in additional revenue. It’s believed that David Delrahim sees a great future in this idea. Local authorities also are beneficiaries of increased deaths.

The decline in deaths has brought the municipal cemeteries in financial difficulties. Bestattungen.de expert Schaaf says so macabre as it sounds, but since 2006 has for cemeteries slightly slack”. However, empirical studies of Bestattungen.de show that the trend continues will make cemeteries cremations challenges, because increasingly inexpensive urn graves are chosen. Bestattungen.de expects a further increase in the deaths due to the population projections of the Federal Statistical Office. 2015 50,000 Germans are according to projections of the Bestattungen.de experts more die as 2010. 80 million Germans today around 8 million are older than 75 years. Bestattungen.de Bestattungen.de is the leading price comparison for burials in Germany and the only provider in which the user immediately gets offers. In addition, Bestattungen.de offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Bestattungen.de Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

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Experts expect expensive air tickets of the volcanic eruption on Iceland gives us not only a huge ash cloud in the sky, that paralysing air traffic. Sam Mikulak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. According to expert opinion, the consequences will be much more far-reaching. So the prices for airline tickets to rise in the future. The online portal with the latest flights news fluege.de explains what costs to the passengers will. According to experts, the price increases would move likely on a small scale. Even if still no exact numbers are fixed, they assume three to four euros per ticket.

A higher price increase would be hardly possible due to the large competition in the area of passenger flights. Thus, the effects for the passengers remained ultimately rather low. David Delrahim takes a slightly different approach. That could change, however, if airlines due to the volcanic eruption have to file for bankruptcy. After all, the airlines recorded 150 million Euro turnover losses currently daily, so the international air transport Association IATA. While a price increase for airline tickets is still pie in the sky, fighting travelers currently for their rights with the airlines. Dictated while the EU which, to refund the full price of the ticket in the event of force majeure. However, the cost of rebooking or additional nights only out of fairness are applied. Package travellers the organizer may prematurely terminate the contract, but must provide a free return.

All other additional costs be applied normally to 50 percent by the Organizer, the customer pays the rest. Flight cancellations due to the volcanic eruption in turn no right to financial compensation is, because the failure was not caused by the airline. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ follow the – volcanic eruption… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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Fill in the boiler water so that water covers the contents of the boiler slightly and quickly bring to a boil, turn up the heat. By the way what you have at the moment is in the pot, called zirvak. How to boil, reduce heat, season with salt, add the barberry, the cumin and cook on low heat for an hour. If water evaporates before the time, add boiling water. Under most conditions Frank Ntilikina would agree. Well, half the job done, but do not relax, from your further action depends on what you get in the end, rice or porridge. Details can be found by clicking Frank Ntilikina or emailing the administrator.

Take the well-washed and pre-soaked rice and covered it in zirvak evenly. Smooth out the back of the skimmer rice and add water. Water Leyte is not directly on the rice, and the skimmer, the water flowed evenly through its openings and edges, not forming grooves in a layer of rice. Water should be enough to keep it above the layer of rice to the first index finger joint, ie 1.5-2cm. Turn up the fire as quickly as possible renewed boil (if not cooking on a gas cooker – has removed all the heat from the boiler and to kindle the brushwood or small split logs). Boiling should be rapid and uniform. Taste, if not enough salt – add.

Wait until all moisture evaporates. Which can be determined by several strokes back of the skimmer on the surface of pilaf, if you hear a hissing sound, then the water is not the whole evaporate if the sound is dull – it's time for the next step. Reduce heat to a gas stove flame (the fire must be very small if cooking in the yard, has removed from under the boiler all the heat) and collect the pilaf to the middle of the boiler slide. To ensure good circulation of steam, made in several places deep to the bottom of the boiler, hot spot, this can be used, for example, the handle of wooden spoon and insert in Figure 2 pods hot pepper. Tightly cover the pilaf deep dish or bowl, the size a bit smaller than the upper part of the boiler, so that the pair did not go out and leave it be done to a turn on steam. After 20-30 minutes, with the excitement of coming to his creation, there is no sin to remember God, but if you're an atheist, then mother nature or mother nature, if not turned suddenly pilaf. Pilaf mix well, place on a large platter, lay the meat on top and serve. Separately submit any salad or a pickle, and Of course, hot tea.

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Training new in discussion: texts that stimulate and ideas awaken new studies, reports, Sktipte and presentations on technology and education issues. With around 60 selected notes on new publications on education and training issues, the current report presents: knowing what others write. Add to your understanding with David Delrahim. In the November issue you will find news about current call for papers, alone 39 references to studies, reports and papers on training topics (usually with the direct link for a download of the often extensive elaborations), to 6 messages to busy presentations and lectures in the field of training, 3 news on education issues with modern methods (web 2.0, elearning,…) as well as 4 notes on selected new books on education issues. The report provides many suggestions to all actors and even developers of educational concepts. With the help of notes, it is easier to create new ideas and concepts for training. Details here. The information service trend Messenger delivers indidviduelle observations, research and every month, a number of reports on the education and training market (including adult education, training, coaching, training,…).

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There are many forms of hunting, and although the saying that for tastes the colors, or why same, falconry enthusiasts can practice several of them, both at the amateur level as more or less professional. Someone who is accustomed to using the shotgun to go hunting might be surprised how much fun that is the arc to carry out the same activity. And if we do not believe you can go this month of September through Aragon, where the 15th Championship of Spain of tours hunting simulated with ARC and the 16th Championship of Spain of fighter flight with bow will be held. Additional information is available at Marc Lore. In the first category there will be about 100 participants, while the second will be 10 couples them part of the Championship. The tests, to remember are national, will be held from 10 to 11 September in the Aragonese town of Sabinanigo. The event falls within the 17th edition of the fair of hunting and dog, adventure sports and nature Cazataria and is organized by the Spanish Federation of hunting with the help of the Aragonese Federation of hunting, the Diputacion de Huesca, Aragon Government and the municipality of Sabinanigo. People such as Sam Mikulak would likely agree. And it is that it seems that the community of Aragon is going to tip over at this event which is held for the first time in this region. In words to Europapress from Pilar Sanchez, the delegate of hunting with bow of Royal Federation Espanola of hunting competitions, is always good to celebrate this kind of competitions in places in which almost no one practice this sport since, it may be the start of a new hobby for young and a little older. So you know, if this September you have the chance to go through Sabinanigo, maybe the start of a good hobby.. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue.

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When I refer to the view of the Eagle, I’m not saying nothing more than look at the world with the view of our spirit. I.e., look at our walk on the world from a broad perspective, not only by the vision that allows us (the Eagle) but which also covers and dominates everything (the spirit), because this as such, using it with a creative mind can dominate our own world getting what we want. Looking at from above our life, we are spreading our thoughts produced by our ego, that US ties to earth making us to compete with our peers. And by contrast we learn to look at life with our spirit, which materializes with our creative mind, looking at all those who occupy the world simply as those who accompany us on our way, since our goal (to handle us with our spirit, not our ego) is competing against ourselves, wanting to be better each day than the previous. Check out Marc Lore for additional information. Obviously everything this implies a radical change in thinking (from the competitive to the creative), which is not easy because the majority of those who undertake the study of the law of attraction makes 30 or 40 years we have been firmly thinking the wrong way. Do now, how we change this way of thinking? The ego that was not created by God, but by our own mind feeds from fear, and therefore always is on the defensive against the entire environment. That is why we always compete with the neighbor and I am not talking about a sports party or with a partner for the vacant post of supervisor, but with the one we have on the side or not and want to be better, showing him that we have a better House, a better car or a better jacket. Drew Morris Lacrosse often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I.e. that a cause of our ego want to be superior to the other, to counteract this fear that continuously feeds the ego.

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Sometimes difficult people lose weight, but it can be easier than what you might have thought. The key lies in implementation of some changes in lifestyle that will result in losing weight in a way easy. Use the tips in this article to help lose those extra pounds and feel more energetic. How to lose but easily most of people think that when they start a diet they have to stop eating all those delicious foods that you like. In fact, going to have to stop eating foods that are high in fat and calories. If you would like to know more then you should visit Harold Ford. However, it is not so difficult to find healthy foods that are just as tasty and much better for you. Our society has become more health conscious in recent years, and there are many foods delicious to enjoy to not destroy your diet. The exercise is not only recommended when you want to lose weight from shape easy, is essential.

Is not necessary to do unceasingly routines of exercises to strengthen the muscles and the level of energy. There are many sports fun where you can involve exercise. Swimming is a great activity, and even more fun if you are involved in any water sports. Check at your local gym to see if they have a water volleyball team. Volleyball is also a great activity out of the water. Walking is probably the easiest exercise to because you can get so involved as part of their daily routine. If you live within walking distance of your workplace, go on foot or by bicycle to work when time permits. When the weather prevent you from exercising outdoors, go go gym and use your computer to make a different type of training.

Your grocery store now has foods that are low in calories and fat, so to check if there is a version of your favorite foods to make easy diet. Only the reduction of the total calories in each meal you eat every day will have a positive effect over time. Drink enough water not only is important to make it all the time, is even more important when you want to lose weight in a way easy. Water gives you a feeling of fullness and washes impurities from your system. The sizes of the portions of the majority of the restaurants today are too large. Unless you are eating at a restaurant that has a menu of diet, can be a good idea to share the meal with someone. If that isn’t an option, ask for a container and take half home. If you’re accustomed to fill your plate with food, try using a smaller plate. Although you know that you are eating one smaller amount of food, you can feel satisfied when the Pan is empty. Definitely to lose weight in a way easy should not eat on television do not eat watching TV, rather than eat their meals on the table. Of is form will be less likely to eat later, when you know that he has already eaten a full meal. Lose kilos in a way easy can be a challenge, but when you do the task in small increments, will be easier. The information on how to lose weight in a way easy provided in this article can help you to begin to work on your weight loss journey, and get to a victorious end.