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The dance is an art that if constitutes of rhythmic movements, while language it favors the expression, conscience of the body, knowledge of itself and the way, making possible discovered, sensitivity, emotion and involving symbols. It this gift in all the cultures, being a source of information and formation of the human being, assisted the child to construct to its high image to know the world where it lives, thus contributing for a social image. in view of the benefits of Dana for the development and learning of the child, searched in this work to construct to a relation between the dance in the pertaining to school environment and the partner-historical Theory of Vygotsky, searching to point the benefits that a well planned work of Dance in the pertaining to school environment that does not aim at mere copies can propitiate in the construction of knowledge for the child, being assisted it in some aspects as already mentioned above. With regard to the theory of Vygotsky, we know that it is one of the most important theoreticians who approach the question of the acquisition of knowledge and human development, having as main estimated the idea of that the human being socially consists while such in its relation with the other, being important its contact with the other I stimulate and it so that the child constructs to its proper knowledge, being the paper of the adult a mediator and not somebody that said the rules so that other copy. The DANCE AND ITS IMPORTANCE IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT What the art states are the course of sensitivity, the feeling, the emotion. The art is visualization of the feeling, what it involves its formularization and expression in the symbol, therefore the expression in art is a symbolic expression of the emotion.

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