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DIMENSION policy of the education RODRIGUES, Judite Filgueiras 1 it is important to see the past to build the present and look at the future Sampieri 1 degree full em Educacao physics em biological, mathematical and physical sciences, educational psychologist, Mestre em Ciencias da Educacao, Ph.d. science do Movimento human, Docente em da Universidade Tecnologica Intercontinental. Check with gymnast to learn more. Author do livro school physical education: learn com o Movimento. In the history of the Brazil, whereas the question of education in a politico-pedagogica dimension, we situate the subject just way integral-objetivo of research learning. We know that there are political implications, conscious or unconscious, as in all the educational action. The political dimension contained in the educational action, is result of a logical consequence expressed by the image of man and world which underlies every educational theory. According to Morin (2000) education is always linked to all areas of social action and discussions involve the problem of corporeality signaling, resetting the relationship between body and mind, or between the sensible and the intelligible.

We understand in this way, the emergence of the theme physicality presented as a proposal for the overcoming of the mechanistic, spreader of the principle of the unity of human vision. This theme permeates all post-modern society, under the name of liberating of the oppression that afflicts less fortunate peoples. It is difficult to perceive a political discourse in which education is not positioned in two main saviours of the chronic backlog of several Nations, including Brazil. According to Pilletti (1996), the story of the Brazilian education developed ruptures outstanding and easy to be realized. The first big break of the history of education Brazilian was complicated with the arrival of the Portuguese to the territory of the new world, bringing a pattern of education in Europe; that does not mean that populations living around here, not already possessed characteristics do education.

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