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The psicomotricidade is excellent for presenting itself as science that it aims at to assist the professor in pedagogical practical its contributing for the learning. One is about a subject of great relevance for the academic formation, considering to be the basic psicomotora education for the global development of the pupils and, therefore, essential to be implemented in the practical professor. The general objective of the research is to analyze the contribution of the psicomotora education for the learning in a group of 1 year of the basic education of a state school in the center of Manaus. The specific objectives aim at: to point the contributions of the psicomotora education with respect to the education process and learning; to know knowing professor on psicomotricidade and its contribution for the learning; to clarify as the psicomotora education can be developed in practical pedagogical daily in 1 the year of basic education. The research is presented as qualitative and explicativa, having as metodolgicos procedures: the bibliographical research and of field.

As techniques of collection of data, it was used participant comment and the questionnaire. For the analysis of the collected data, it was used of the technique of analysis of the speech. The contributions of the psicomotora education for the learning had been evidenced by means of the constructed theoretical referencial, based in theoreticians who approach the thematic one, reflecting about the psicomotricidade as promotional of the learning. The gotten results disclose the difficulty in relating the psicomotricidade with the learning, and for this reason it is finished not perceiving and consequently not using all the contributions that the psicomotora education provides for the learning of the children in 1 year of education basic.

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