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Psychologist psychologist educational Lic. Science education psychologist teacher Normalista definition area is a science which studies the behavior and motivations of the conduct. Why people think feel or act in a way or another. Psychology deals with specific problems with scientific methods and their conceptual schema. Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that specializes in the understanding of teaching and learning in educational settings. In a question-answer forum olympics was the first to reply. Education is the process of comprehensive and intentional optimization of man, oriented to the achievement of its self-realization and active inclusion in the nature, society and culture science that studies educational processes, which certainly hinders her understanding, since it is a live process which involves different functions in the body so that the learning process is carried out.

From the guidelines that mark the tradition of the normalcy in the country, we find its national character based on the Constitution, which incorporates the Fundamentals of democratic education. The normalcy has been the result of heterogeneous processes, which are advancing according to the socio-economic, political and educational structure in different historical periods. Who is the degree in psychology is characterized as a professional scientific perspective and technical competence to conduct psychological assessment, design and implementation of psychological intervention programmes aimed at solving problems in the areas of health, education and the psychologist for educational organizations is the professional of Psychology whose work aims to reflection and intervention on human behavior, in educational situations, through the development of the capacities of individuals, groups and institutions. Refers to the educational term in the broadest sense of training and personal and collective development the degree in Education Sciences is a professional committed to his job, willing to continue learning to work as a team, able to raise problems in the educational task and promote alternative solutions to contribute to the development of human potential. The educator is the professional who discusses comprehensively the characteristics, problems and needs of educational processes, through knowledge and managing appropriate and committed various philosophical, theoretical, methodological and technical approaches. .

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