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Application period will be from 1 February until 30 may – they may request up to 240 for credit of the masterdistribuidos one or two initial payments of up to 6,000, and until 21 monthly payments of maximum 800 depending on the duration of the master – according to websites specializing as Todomba.com, most in-demand studies in 2012 will be the MBA and master’s in Marketing. The Ministry of education, culture and sport opens the deadline to apply for a loan to study masters or doctorates during the academic year 2011/12. The term starts on February 1 and will end on May 30. The Ministry directs Jose Ignacio Wert has a budget of EUR 45 million for all those students who need a help to cover the costs of their training, thus facilitating the access to official studies carried out in Spain or in the countries of the European space of Education Superior, as well as United States and Canada. Contact information is here: Larry David. Loans are formalized through collaborating credit entities with a 5,433 per cent fixed interest and requests can be a form of telematics through the electronic site of the Ministry and will be examined within a maximum of 45 days. For the year 2012, according to some specialized websites, such as todomba.com, most in demand studies will be the masters in Marketing, international trade, human resources and finance, although the real star will be the titles of MBA. Requirements to apply for the loan are prerequisites to request these appropriations from the Ministry of education, have Spanish nationality or have resided during the four years preceding the application, having a degree (licenciado, engineer, architect, diploma) degree or an equivalent overseas qualification, and have passed the last course for obtaining subsequent to 1 January of 2000. The duration of the loan will be based on the duration of studies for those who requested.. Recently Ed Bastian sought to clarify these questions.

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